How to update CyanogenMod from 4.1.99 to 4.1.999

This brief tutorial will guide you through upgrading CyanogenMod 4.1.99 to 4.1.999 on your Android G1 phone.

Fortunately, the process to go from 4.1.99 to 4.1.999 is much, much easier than updating to 4.1.99 itself. For a full list of all the changes in v4.1.999 see the changelog. One of the bigger changes is that bluetooth is now 100% working. Please note: the steps outlined in this tutorial require that your G1 is currently running 4.1.99. You cannot use the method outlined below to go from any version other than 4.1.99 to 4.1.999. If you need help installing 4.1.99, please see this tutorial.

  1. Start out by downloading CyanogenMod 4.1.999 here (or from this mirror).
  2. Copy the .zip file to your G1’s SD card.
  3. Boot into Recovery Mode by powering off your phone, and then powering it back on while holding down the Home button.
  4. When the Android system recovery screen loads, scroll to nandroid v2.2 backup and select it by clicking your trackball.
  5. Before applying any upgrade, it’s a good idea to perform a backup with nandroid. The process only takes a couple of minutes.
  6. Once the backup has completed, scroll to apply any zip from sd and select it by clicking your trackball.
  7. Select the file on your SD card. Make sure to select the one ending in .999 if you still have version .99 on your card.
  8. Click the file with your trackball. You’ll be prompted to confirm this action by clicking the Home button on your phone. Do so now.
  9. CyanogenMod 4.1.999 will now install.
  10. Once the installation has completed you’ll see the message Install from sdcard complete on the Android system recovery screen. Now scroll to reboot system now and click it with your trackball.
  11. Your phone will now reboot. Don’t be at all surprised or alarmed if your phone takes longer to start up. Both the mobile providers boot screen (in my case T-Mobile) and the Android boot screen (pictured below) may be displayed for longer than usual. Again, this is normal.
  12. One of the minor smaller changes in 4.1.999 is the inclusion of some new wallpaper. In case you missed the link at the beginning of this tutorial, see the see the changelog for a full list of new features and fixes.

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24 thoughts on “How to update CyanogenMod from 4.1.99 to 4.1.999”

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  2. Tim Ardan says Was buggy and slooooowwww until I upgraded my ext2 partition to ext3. WORLDS of difference! Thanks for another wonderful ROM!
    Tim what is the ext2 and ext3? Does it make your phone faster? If so How did you do that because I need it! LOL

  3. What’s the newest version of CyanogenMod? I have 4.1.499 and Im going to upgrade to 4.1.4999…But is there something greater than that?
    Also my firmware is 1.6, should I try and upgrade to 2.0? or 2.1?
    Thanks to all try and help

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  5. Was buggy and slooooowwww until I upgraded my ext2 partition to ext3. WORLDS of difference! Thanks for another wonderful ROM!

  6. @mybb: you did a backup before u upgraded to 4.1.999 right?

    its probably best to just go back on the old settings
    then just flash it again.

    if not, idk. i’m not really an expert here. so maybe other people have ideas.

  7. The 4.1.99 worked for me, then I up grade to 4.1.999 and it hang at the T-Mobile G1 for more than 20 minutes already. What could I do?

  8. Oh… fixed it.. redid everything but noticed at some point the APN for ‘Optus’ Australia was set to connect to ‘yesinternet’ when it needed only ‘internet’. All good for now.

  9. Don’t use ext2 guys. Don’t. It’s a filesystem really unsafe. We don’t want to talk here about journal and transaction log, but let’s only say that it’s a file system from the past century and tou can really loose file with it. Ext4 may be a bit useless for a mobile phone, because you don’t need extent allocation and online defrag on your phone, to store more or less hundred files (the applications). Ext3 is OK in my opinion.
    Furthermore, I am not sure if ext4 is stable on the kernel version coming with android.

    I switched back to 4.0.4 because CoPilot stopped working with 4.1.999. The same for NDrive and the same for other application (I gave a look to logcat and there are java exceptions)
    I need those applications, and than I use 4.0.4, which has almost the same feature as 4.1.999

  10. @Flowchart Biscuits – I’ve seen comments from folks who had an ext2 partition that, once upgraded to ext3 or 4, resolved all laggy/slowness issues. If you have an ext2 partition, try upgrading it.

    There are hundreds – probably thousands – of folks running 4.0.99 and 999 with absolutely no problems.

  11. Flowchart Biscuits

    jesus, spent all day on this. .99 and .999999999 both slow the phone down completely, like the above poster. old version works great for me. New upgrade just kills the phone, nothing doing.

    good luck if you try this. something is horribly wrong with this build, or these instructions. somewhere.

  12. @ksk check cyanogens original instructions on xda, in order to have touch inpit working you need to install a htc ime app

  13. I keep getting this message:
    ” Sorry!! The application Touch Input ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”
    I just updated to 4.1.999 from 4.1.99. Got the same message in 4.1.99 too.

  14. Peter I think (IMHO) you really did something wrong: you updated to 4.1.999.
    Guys I can guarantee that not only upgrades works, but also downgrade works :)
    I rolled back to 4.0.4 because Copilot and NDrive stopped working with 4.1.999 (it’s a known issue) and I haven’t seen such interesting things in this version compared to 4.0.4
    Text-To-Speech pre-installed? Who cares?
    I was expecting fireworks from this version but I have been deluded…

  15. after installing 4.1.999, i no longer get audio on video recording, is there a fix or did i do something wrong, pls help.

  16. ok, it worked for me without any problem, and now I have 4.1.999 (from 4.0.4), but:
    1) either CoPilot and NDrive stopped working (java exception…).
    2) may I ask what are the differences with 4.0.4 ? Maybe I was expecting something more…. anyway it’s still very cool.

    Does anybody had similar problems with such softwares? I can attach you the logcat if you wnat.

  17. thx, I have been using CM for a while ow, and never had any issues. CM 4.1.99 slows my phone to a grinding halt to a point where its unusable..i come from cm 4.1.11 wich works fine..any ideas where things went wrong?

  18. Thank you for putting these out there for all us n00bs :) Love Cyanogens builds, wish I knew enough to help more.
    Keep it going you guys!!!

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