How to Enable the Bookmarks Bar in Safari for the iPad

This brief tutorial will show you how to display the Bookmarks Bar (now called Favorites Bar) in Safari for the iPad, and how to add bookmarks to it.

Apple seems stuck trying to decide if they’re called bookmarks or favorites, but they’re the same thing.

  1. Start out by selecting Settings from the iPad home screen.
  2. the iOS Settings button

  3. Select Safari from the Settings column
  4. the iPad Settings screen with an arrow pointing at the Safari menu item

  5. On the right side of the Settings screen, look for the GENERAL section and then toggle the Show Favorites Bar switch to ON
  6. switch to turn on the bookmarks bar in Safari for the iPad and iPhone

  7. Back in Safari you should now see the Favorites Bar directly below the Address Bar.
  8. the bookmarks bar now called favorites bar in Safari for the iPad

  9. The order of your bookmarks depends on the order your favorites have been added – but they’re easy to switch around. Bring up the Favorites menu by tapping the Show/Hide Sidebar button (see screenshot below) and then tap the Edit link at the bottom of your Favorites list.
  10. Tap the button with “3 dashes” (see screenshot below) next to the item you want to move on the Favorites Bar and drag that item up or down your list. The first/top item in your Favorites list will be the first item in your Favorites Bar. The number of favorites that will “fit” on the Favorites Bar in Safari will depend on your iPad screen size and the length of each bookmarks name.
  11. editing the Safari bookmarks for iOS

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