How to sync your phone calls to Google Calendar with Android

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to enable your Android device to log all of the calls made to and from it to your Google Calendar.

  1. Start out by using the QR code below to launch the Android Market and take you to the download location for CallTrack. If you need help using QR codes, see this tutorial. Alternatley, you can just open the Market app on your phone and search for CallTrack.
  2. Install it as you would any other app.
  3. Once installed, launch it from your list of installed apps.
  4. The CallTrack Preferences screen will open. Make sure that Enable CallTrack is checked. Now tap the Calendar entry in the Preferences.
  5. Select the Google Calendar you want to sync your phone calls with.
  6. Make sure that the correct calendar is listed in the Log calls to calendar: area.

    If you would like to sync all of the calls currently stored on your phone (previous calls to and from your phone) as well as your calls going forward, click the Menu button. Then tap the Sync Entire Call Log button.

  7. Give CallTrack a minute or two for it to upload your call log (previous calls) to your Google Calendar.
  8. Now open your Google Calendar. All of the calls you’ve made and received will be created as events on exactly the time and date they were sent/received.
  9. If you view the full details of an event, the name of the person you called will be listed, their phone number, and the duration of the call.
  10. One of the great features is that after a call is synced to your Google Calendar, you can use that event to create upcoming reminders to call the person back etc.

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    This don’t sync call log automatically. When you tap to “Sync entire call log” then it start to sync. This feature is not good. I need it to sync automatically.

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