How to Increase the Font Size in Pages for the iPad

This brief tutorial will show you how to increase (or decrease) the font size of the documents you create/edit in Pages for the iPad (or iPhone).

For something as “simple” as increasing or decreasing the font size in a document, Apple kind of missed the boat on this one. In an earlier version of Pages, it took me 10 minutes of exploring to finally find out how to increase the font size of a document. Apple has updated the Pages App many times since then, and while the method to edit the font size has changed, it doesn’t really remain any less ‘hidden’.

Here’s how to edit the font in Pages for your iPad –

  1. Start out by tapping on the text you want to increase the font size of and hold down your finger for a few moments.
  2. Release your finger and a context “bubble” will appear. Choose Select All if you want to increase the font size of all of the text, or Select to increase the font of just one word (the one that the cursor is ‘touching’).
  3. You’ll be able to confirm the correct text was selected by making sure it’s “highlighted in blue”. Tap the Paint Brush icon/button from the very top menu in Pages (as illustrated in the screenshot below).
  4. Now you’ll be presented with the Style menu. From here you can change the size of the font, change the font itself, make it bold or italicized etc. To increase the font, tap the ‘box’ that contains the 11 pt Helvetica text (which is the default font and font size)
  5. Tap the ‘up arrow’ to increase the font size, or the down arrow to decrease it.
  6. The font in the document will update as you make changes. When you’re happy with the size, stop tapping the ‘up arrow’. That’s it!

  7. click to enlarge

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