How to Navigate YouTube Videos with Your Keyboard

It can be quite annoying when you want to watch a video on YouTube but have to wait for it to buffer. Here we take a look at how to use your keyboard to skip around to different parts of most YouTube videos.

1. Navigate to the video you want to watch and begin playing it. Also, make sure the progress bar is showing on the video player.


2. Instead of waiting to get to a specific part, you can use the main number keys (not on the number pad) and skip in intervals of that number in 10% intervals. For example in this video say you want to get to the half way point, then just hit the number 5 on your keyboard. Notice it jumped to the midway point of the video and you don’t need to wait for it.


3. If you’ve played the video all the way through, this trick still works. You can go back to the beginning by typing 0 or go near the end by typing the number 9.


4. You can also skip through the videos with your arrow keys. While the video is playing just hit the forward or back arrow keys. Also, you can control the volume by hitting the up or down Arrow keys.


5. This should work in any of the major web browsers and on YouTube videos embedded on other sites as well. One thing I noticed though… is if there’s a commercial played before the main video, you’ll have to wait for it to end before using the keyboard shortcuts.


That’s all there is to it! This simple trick will let you use your keyboard instead of the mouse, and by using the number keys, you can go directly to specific spots in the YouTube video easily.

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