How to upload Flip Videos to Facebook from your Mac

This guide will take you step by step through the process of transferring videos taken with your Flip Video camera to Facebook, using OS X.

  1. Start out by plugging in your Flip Video camera to a USB port on your Mac. FlipShare should launch automatically. If you don’t have FlipShare installed, give this tutorial a whirl and then head back here.

    Select the video you want to share on Facebook by clicking on it once. Then click the Online button from the Share panel.

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  3. Select facebook and then click the Next button.

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  5. Now you’ll need to sign in and authenticate with Facebook. Click the Login button.

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  7. Enter your Facebook credentials and click the Login button.

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  9. Click the Allow button.

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  11. Take one last look at the Items to Share list to make sure the right video is going to be uploaded, and then click the Share button.

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  13. The bottom left corner of the main FlipShare interface will now display the upload status.
  14. Once the upload has completed, the status will change to Items successfully posted to Facebook. Click on the Facebook link (see screenshot below).
  15. It’s likely that Facebook will need a little bit of time to process the video. Look for a link titled Videos Currently Processing and click it.

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  17. Click on the Edit Video link.

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  19. From here you can fill out all of the info you want included with your video. Give the video a title, a description, tag anyone in the video (if applicable) and set the Privacy: level accordingly. When you’re done, click the Save button.

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  21. After Facebook has finished processing your video, it will be listed along with all of your others. That’s it – you’re done!

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