How to send web content from Chrome to your Android Phone

This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of installing and using “Google Chrome to Phone” – an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that allows you to send links, text, pictures and more – directly to your Android phone.

  1. First things first – install the Google Chrome to Phone extension in your Chrome web browser.
  2. Now, install the Chrome to Phone app on your Android phone (open the Market and search for chrome to phone).
  3. With both the Chrome extension and Android App installed, open the Chrome to Phone app on your Android device.

  4. click to enlarge

  5. Tap the Next button.

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  7. Select the account you want to use to connect your browser and phone, then tap the Next button.

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  9. Tap Allow.

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  11. If Chrome to Phone doesn’t automatically start to connect, tap the Next button.

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  13. Now decide if you want the links or content you send from Chrome to your Android phone to automatically launch, or let you launch the links manually. For the sake of this tutorial, I opted to use Automatically launch links – but this is a setting that can be easily changed later. Tap Next.

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  15. Finally, tap the Finish button.

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  17. You’ll be directed to a page of the ‘history’ of links, text and other items sent to your phone from your browser. Nothing will be listed (yet). You can close out of Chrome to Phone now.

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  19. Now launch Chrome (if it wasn’t open already). Click the icon for the Google Chrome to Phone Extension from the Toolbar. Then select the sign in link.
  20. Enter your Google account credentials if required.
  21. You should be presented with a confirmation window letting you know that you’re all ready to go.

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  23. First try sending yourself a link. Navigate to a web page you want to send to your Android device, and click the Google Chrome to Phone Extension button. A little confirmation note will appear letting you know it was sent.
  24. Now take a look at your Android phone. If you selected Automatically launch links back in step #8, your phone will have launched your default browser (or as indicated in the screenshot below – prompted you to select a browser to open that link in).

  25. click to enlarge

  26. And the page you sent to your phone will be displayed (in this case, my twitter page).

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  28. You can also right-click on pictures and select Chrome to Phone

  29. click to enlarge

  30. … and that picture will be sent to your phone.

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  32. If you highlight a selection of text, you can also right-click on that text and choose Send to Phone. The text will be placed in your phones “clipboard” – so you can paste it into any app on your phone.
  33. If you have any other Chrome to Phone tips – by all means please leave them in the comments!

7 thoughts on “How to send web content from Chrome to your Android Phone”

  1. Roy – do you ever get the error “Device not registered for user” in Chrome?

    If not, I can’t say for certain if you *have* to use the main Google account associated with your phone – it just so happens that’s the one I did when I installed this for this tutorial and for my friends. I’d suggest tying Chrome to Phone with the gmail/Google account that you use on your phone, and see if that does in fact resolve the problem.

  2. htc desire 2.2. on tmobile uk.
    just tried it again, making sure everything is connected and still nothing im afraid.
    1 thing to mention, the gmail account i set this up with is not the main gmail account set up with the phone, i.e. the one where the apps are stored with.
    does this matter?

  3. Roy –

    Which Android phone, and which version of Android is running on your phone? I have a Droid X (2.2) and it works every single time. I’ve installed this on one of my friends phones (the Incredible) and it works for her (running 2.2) as well.

  4. ive got chrome to phone and it jus does not work!
    ive done exactly as per the instructions and when i send something, the computer says it has been sent but nothing actually happend to my phone.
    any ideas??

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