How to Import Flip Videos into iMovie

This brief tutorial will show you how to import videos that you’ve taken with your Flip Video Camera and import them into iMovie.

  1. Start out by opening iMovie and either create a new project or open an existing one.

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  3. Select File from the Main Menu, then Import and finally Movies…
  4. Navigate to the Flip Video that you want to import into iMovie. Select it (or them) – make sure that all of the options you want are set, and then click Import. If you’re having trouble finding the Flip Video you want to import, you can locate them based on how you access your Flip Videos – either by copying them directly from the Camera, or using the FlipShare software. If you’re using the FlipShare software, you can locate your saved Flip Video’s in your Movies -> FlipShare Data -> Videos folder.

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  6. iMovie will now process the video(s). The length of time this takes varies, but the larger the video, the longer it will take.
  7. Once the Import has completed, you can edit it in iMovie etc.

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  9. That’s it!

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