How To Upgrade the Memory (RAM) In a Mac Mini

If you have a Mac Mini that came with only 2 GB of RAM, you might want to add more for better performance. No need to spend a lot of money having a tech do it for you. It’s a very easy process and here we’ll show you how.

For this tutorial we’ll be removing the two 1 GB sticks that came with our Mac Mini 2.4 GHz model, and replacing them with two 4 GB sticks for a total of 8 GB of RAM.

Note: Make sure you’re grounded and not standing on carpet which can produce static when replacing the memory. If you really want to be sure, get an anti-static wrist strap. I’ve never used one when replacing memory in any computer and never had a problem, but it’s something to consider.


1. make sure you have everything unplugged from your Mac. The keyboard, mouse, and whatever else is plugged into it…most importantly the power cord!


2. Flip the Mac Mini around so you see the cover on the bottom. If you don’t want to scuff up the case, place it on a soft towel.


3. Now remove the cover by turning it counter clockwise to the unlock position. Use the circles on each side of the cover to turn it and you’ll feel it come loose


4. Then just remove the cover so you can get at the memory sticks inside.


5. Just set the cover aside, and here you can see the memory sticks that came with it.


6. There are two metal clips that hold it in place. Gently move them outward toward the case so the first memory stick is loose and flips up. Then remove the sick by pulling it straight out toward the right side of the case.


7. Then place the first memory module you removed to the side out of the way. So at this point you have the first stick out, and will see the second one still inside the Mac.


8. Now take out the second memory stick the same way you took out the first, and set it aside.


9. At this point there should be no memory in the Mac Mini, and the two sticks that came with it are set aside.


10. Now bring over the new RAM sticks you purchased and take them out of their packaging.


11. Replace the new stick of RAM in the bottom slot first. Make sure the notch on the memory stick is lined up correctly. Slide it in and snap it down. Don’t try to force it in, it’s an easy process and the RAM should just slide into the slot easily.


12. So, now you should have the stick on the bottom replaced, and only have one more to go.


13. Slide in the second stick of RAM into the top slot.


14.  Then gently push it down into place…again don’t try to force them in if it’s not lined up correctly. Take your time and make sure the upgrade goes successfully.


15. There you go! Now you have the two new sticks of RAM in your Mac Mini…just a few more steps and you’ll be ready to experience a faster Snow Leopard experience.


16. Grab the bottom cover you set aside, line it up, and snap it back into place.



17. Your done! Flip your Mac Mini back over and hook it back up with the power cord, monitor, Keyboard and Mouse, and whatever else you had plugged into it.


18. Time to see if the new RAM works and is identified by Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Turn on the machine and after it boots up, click on the Apple icon on the Upper left corner of the screen and click About This Mac.


19. Now you should see the new amount of memory on your system where in this case we swapped out 2 GB for 8 GB.


If for some reason the old amount of RAM is showing, check out Ross’s article on how to get your mac to recognize newly installed RAM.

That is all there is to it! Rather than taking your Mac Mini to the Geek Squad or an Apple Store, and paying way too much for a simple process, this guide should help you save some money by doing it yourself.

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  1. The pictures in this blog is a lot of help. The kind of computer when putting a RAM is just like putting a battery to a clock. Its a piece of cake. Thanks.

  2. @Webomatica: Yeah, they are nice little boxes. Not very upgradeable other than the memory. Maybe the HD too, I haven’t looked into that yet. But if I do…be sure I’ll write an article up on it!

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