How To Keep Track of the Latest iOS Apps and Reduced Prices

As we all know there’s a huge amount of iOS apps out there, and keeping up with them can be difficult. Here we look at AppShopper for iOS that shows the latest new apps, updates, and when when they’re on sale.

1. Install AppShopper through the iTunes App Store or directly on your device.



2. When you launch it you’ll get an overview of the most popular apps that have been added, upgraded, or are on sale.


3. The user interface is intuitive and nicely laid out. You can sort between Paid & Free apps, Types, Popular, My Apps, Wish List, and more. Not only does it make finding new apps easy, but also allows you to manage ones you want or already have.


4. It also has an easy search feature so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.


5. There’s a number of ways to change settings to change the way it works for you.


5. To change some features you need to be logged in. If you don’t already have an account just tap on Create Account.


6. Then go through the typical sign up process. Just enter in a username, password, email, and agree to terms of service.


7. After you’ve finished the registration click on Done, then log into your account.


8. Then you’ll have access to features that require you to be logged in like being able to select specific app categories.


9. The amount of time you can spend in AppShopper is pretty crazy by searching for them in different ways. When you find an app that looks interesting just tap on it.


10. Then you can add it to your Wish List, My Apps, or Buy it.


11. When you want to buy or download a free app, the App Store opens up and you can install it directly on your device.


If you’re an “appaholic” and want to keep up with the latest iOS apps, updates, and when they are on sale…AppShopper is necessary.

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