Update iTunes Now In Preparation For iPad 2 and iOS 4.3

If you plan on getting an iPad 2 when they’re available next week, or plan to upgrade your device(s) to iOS 4.3, you can download an iTunes Update now so your device is ready. We’ve previously covered how to update iTunes, but we’ll go over it again to be sure you have the latest version ready for you shiny new iPad 2.

Here we look at updating iTunes on Windows 7…but the process is essentially the same on the Mac as well.

1. Click on Start >> All Programs >> Apple Software Update.


2. Apple Software Update opens…check the box to update iTunes + QuickTime and any other Apple software you want…then click Install item(s).


3. If you have iTunes set to automatically check for updates, when you launch it you should see the following dialog box…just click Download iTunes.


4. Or if you don’t have iTunes set to check for updates, click on Help >> Check for Updates.


5. Either way you check for updates, you’ll need to click Accept to the License Agreement.


6. Then wait while iTunes is updated.


7. A restart is required to complete the update process.


8. When you get back from the restart, open iTunes and go to Help >> About iTunes.


9. Now you should see you’re updated to version


That’s it! iTunes is now ready for you’re new iPad 2 when it’s released on March 11th.

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