How To Sync Bookmarks Between PC & Mac in Firefox 4 with the Sync Feature

If you’re a Firefox fan you probably know that Firefox 4 was released yesterday. It includes a new Sync Feature and here we’ll take a look at using it to sync its bookmarks and other settings between a Mac and PC.

In this example we’re using the new Sync feature in Firefox 4 between a Windows 7 PC and Mac running OS X Snow Leopard.

Setup Sync on Windows

1. We’ve previously covered how to setup the Sync feature in Firefox 4. Just follow those instructions if you haven’t already. The main thing to keep track of when you setup sync on your Windows PC is to keep track of your Sync Key. You have the option to save it as an HTML file or print it out if you need to.


Setup Sync on Mac

1. Yesterday we took a look at setting up Firefox 4 on Windows and restoring bookmarks from the old version. To sync bookmarks and other settings between PC & Mac You’ll need to have Firefox 4 installed on both computers.


2. When you drag the Firefox icon to the Applications folder click on Replace if the following message appears.


3. Then launch Firefox on Mac or drag the icon to the Dock for easier access.


4. After launching Firefox on OS X, click on Tools then Set Up Sync.


5. When Firefox Sync Setup comes up, click on the Connect button under I already have a Firefox Sync account.


6. When the Add a Device screen comes up click on the I don’t have the device with me hyperlink.


7. Now enter in your account email, Password, and Sync Key that you created on the Windows machine and click Continue.


8. If you don’t remember what the key is – which you probably won’t memorize as it’s pretty long – go back to your Windows PC, click on Tools >> Options then click the Sync button. Then under Manage Account you can pull it back up.


9. Here you can also uncheck settings you don’t want to sync as well.


10. Provided you entered in your account information and Sync Key correctly, you should get a screen letting you know the Sync Setup was successful…click Done.


11. Then click on Tools then Sync Now.


12. You’ll have the Bookmarks, Passwords, Preferences, History, and any open tabs synced up on Firefox on both your Mac and PC.


This will also work between Windows PCs, Macs, and Linux machines. If you don’t notice everything synced right away, just give it some time. For more on setting up the sync feature on Windows and portable devices check out our previous article here.

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