How To Setup and Use Sync in Firefox 4 Beta With an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone

One of the cool new features in Firefox 4 is Sync which is included by default. It allows you to sync all of your Firefox settings with mobile devices, and here we’ll show you how to set it up and use it from an iOS device.

1. Download and install the latest Beta release of Firefox 4, where in this example is Beta 10. Click the Firefox dropdown and click Set Up Sync.


2. Next click the Create a New Account button.


3. Now you’re prompted to enter in your email address, password, then agree to the terms of service. Notice here you can also click on Sync Options to change what data is synced up.


4. In Sync Options you can type in a name for the computer and choose what you want to be included in Sync. By default everything is checked but if you don’t want something just uncheck the item…then click Done.


5. Next you’re given a Sync Key that you’ll need to encrypt data between the computer and devices. Make sure to either save it or print it out and keep it in a secure location so no one else has access to it. Once you have it saved in a secure location, click Next.


6. After you have your secure Sync Key you’ll be prompted to enter in Captcha to prove you’re human.


7. Success! The Sync Setup is complete…click Finish or again you can change your Sync Options if you want. Don’t worry too much about the Sync Options as you can change them at any time later.


8. After you click Finish you’ll be brought to a page letting you know that your data is being synced. The synchronization process happens in the background and won’t interfere with web browsing.


9. Now download the Firefox Home App either through iTunes or directly from your device. For this tutorial we’re going to use an iPod Touch.


10. After Firefox Home is installed just tap on the icon to launch it.


11. When it launches, tap on I Have A Sync Account since one was already created in the steps above.


12. You’ll then get a Passcode to type into Firefox 4 Beta to add the device.


13. Click the Firefox dropdown menu then click Options.


14. In the Options screen click on Add a Device.


15. Enter in the Passcode from that was shown on the iPod Touch and click Next.


16. Wait a moment while it’s connected and you’ll see the following message.


17. Back on your device you’ll see the Firefox Home screen were you have the ability to search synced data from Firefox or check out some of the other options.


18. Tap on Bookmarks to see a list of the Bookmarks that have been synced from the browser.


19. Tap on the one you want to read and the page is displayed. Here’s an example of Simple Help and you can then tap on the article you want to read.


20. Then it comes up and you can read it on your iOS device.


21. It also provides the ability to view the page in Safari, Copy or Email the URL.


22. Tap on Tabs to view the history of tabs you’ve had open in Firefox on your computer, just tap the one you want to view to bring up the site.



23. You can also search your Bookmarks, Tabs, and History for the specific data you’re looking for.


If you want the ability to take your Firefox data with you on the go, the new Sync feature in Firefox 4 Beta does a good job. It also works with other mobile devices like an iPad, iPhone, Android phones and more! To find out more about Firefox 4 Beta check out the Mozilla website.

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