How To Completely Disable the Ping Feature in iTunes 10

Earlier today we showed you how to disable Ping on an iPhone or iPod Touch to help save battery life. If you don’t use this service, you might as well turn it off in iTunes as well. Here we show you how to turn it off in iTunes and through your account.

There are actually a couple ways to go about disabling Ping in iTunes, here we’ll show you both methods to make sure it’s completely off. In this tutorial we’re using iTunes on OS X but the process is the same in Windows too.


Disable Ping in iTunes 10

1. Click on iTunes then Preferences or in Windows click on Edit then Preferences.


2. Then click on the Parental Control icon and under the Disable list check the box next to Ping. Then make sure you click OK to save the settings.


3. Now you see that Ping is no longer available. It doesn’t show in the sidebar or in your music list.


4. Another step is to turn off the Ping feature through your iTunes account. Open the iTunes Store and on the upper right corner click the down arrow next to your email…then click Account.


5. You’ll then be prompted to log in using your Apple ID, then click the Account Info button.


6. Now scroll down until you see the Ping section and click the Turn Off button.


7. Click on the Turn Off button when the dialog comes up asking if you’re sure.


8. Now you’ll see that Ping is turned Off.


9. Almost done. Scroll down a bit further on your Account page until you see Recommendations & Ping Posting. More than likely it’s set to ON…click the Manage button.


10. On the next page uncheck the box next to “Show recommendations and give me the option to add…” then click Save Changes.


11. That’s it. Now you can enjoy iTunes without having to deal with the annoying Ping feature. If you did want to turn it back on for some reason, just go back and turn it back on.


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