How To Install Only the Programs You Actually Use in MS Office

If you use Microsoft Office there might be some programs that you don’t need and never use. Here is how to only install the programs in the Office suite that you actually Use.

In this tutorial we’re showing Office 2007, but you can do this with all current versions of Office including 2010.

1. If you install MS Office using the defaults, you’ll end up with programs you might not need and never use. To install only what you want, do a custom install and unselect the programs you don’t need.

Start the installation of MS Office, enter in your Product Key and click Continue.


2. Then accept the MS Office EULA and continue.


3. Now at the screen where you choose your installation, click the Customize button versus Install Now.


4. You’ll see a list of the programs included in Office. Click the dropdown next to a program(s) you don’t want then click Not Available.


5. If there are certain components of a program you don’t want installed, click the plus icon next to it to expand the selection.


6. In this example we decided not to install Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, Visio Viewer, and certain Office Tools. After you have only what you want, click Install Now.


7. Then wait while the programs you selected are installed. The amount of time it takes will vary between systems. You might want to grab your iPhone now and play Angry Birds for a while.


8. After the install is complete click the Close button.


9. That’s it! Now instead of having every program included in the suite, you’ll only have the ones you actually need and use.


10. If it turns out you need a program you didn’t install at first, just pop in the MS Office install disc again. Then you’ll see the following screen and select Add or Remove Features then click Continue.


11. Then click the dropdown next to what you need to install – in this case PowerPoint – and click on Run from My Computer.


12. The red X won’t show anymore next to the program you want to install, then click Continue.


13. Then wait while the program you selected is installed.


14. When it’s finished click the Close button.


15. Go into your Start Menu and you’ll now have access to the program you just installed.


If you don’t use certain programs in MS Office, there’s no reason to install them and take up space. If you need to install a program later it’s easy enough too.

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  1. This is outdated!
    The steps you have mentioned are for the older versions of office it <2013 version.
    Update your tutorial to the latest version of office

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