How To Browse & Watch YouTube On Your Desktop

Everyone loves watching videos on YouTube, but sometimes you might not want a browser session to be running. Today we take a look at a free application that allows you to watch YouTube from your desktop.

Here we take a look at desktube on Windows but will work on Mac too. It’s coming soon to Android & iOS devices.

1. From the website download and install desktube.


2. It is built on Adobe Air and installation is basic following the wizard and accepting the defaults.


3. It will launch when installation is complete, and you’ll find the user interface clean and intuitive to use.


4. Type what you’re looking for in the Search field and hit Enter. Then just click on one of the results and start watching the video.


5. You can change the layout with just a click of the mouse.


6. Sometimes a video isn’t available through the player, and a message will pop up and open your default browser to the site so you can watch it.



7. You can also manage comments, subscriptions, playlists, and more from the control panel at the bottom.


8. To manage certain things like Playlists, Subscriptions, or Favorites you’ll need to log into your YouTube account first.



If you’ve been looking for a way to watch YouTube on your desktop or mobile device, desktube is a cool way to do it. Just remember, it might suck you in for hours!

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  1. I care nothing for your app, but your choice of what to play with it is impeccable.

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