Network Activity Indicator Monitors Network Activity in Windows

There are a lot of gadgets out there that display network activity, but today we look at Network Activity Indicator. This is  a free utility that lives on the Taskbar and shows detailed network activity.

1. Download and install Network Activity Monitor Indicator from Deviant Art.


2. There is no installation, just unzip the program and run the NetworkIndicator executable file. This means you can even run it from a flash drive too.


3. After you launch it, an icon appears in the Notification Area of the Taskbar. Just click on the icon to view your upload and download speeds.


4. The window disappears by default, but to keep it up during your computing session, just click the tack icon to pin it in place.


5. The user interface is basic, but it does the job. You can customize it a bit and show more or less information if you want.


If you want an easy way to monitor your bandwidth usage in an elegant way,Network Activity Indicator is a cool app to get the job done.

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1 thought on “Network Activity Indicator Monitors Network Activity in Windows”

  1. Does Network Activity Indicator has security feature that can detect irregular or unwanted network connection / HTTP traffic? I’m looking for a software that can supplement my anti-virus. It would be nice if Network Activity Indicator has a P2P tool that can monitor and scan all my file shares, downloads, and uploads.

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