How to save a web site as a web-app on your Home Screen

This very brief tutorial will show you how to create a website based web-app on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s Home Screen.

Lately you may have noticed your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad has displayed a message saying “Web Site is now web-app enabled!”

This means you can easily create an ‘app’ on your Home Screen that will allow you quick access to the site. Below is an overview of how the experience will typically go.

  1. When you visit a site that Apple considers ‘web-app enabled’, a message will appear (see image below). To save the site as a web-app on your Home Screen, click the ios options soft button button.
  2. Tap Add to Home Screen
  3. Give your new app a name, and then tap Add.
  4. Now the App will be added to your Home Screen. Tap it.
  5. Now the web site will open inside of it’s own ‘App’.
  6. That’s it!

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