How to Make Your iPhone’s Light “Blink” When New Notifications Arrive

While this feature was intended for those who are hearing impaired, it’s also a great if you want to keep your phone silent but still be visually notified of new emails, text messages, Facebook updates etc.

iPhone LED blinking

  1. Start out by tapping the Settings icon.
  2. iphone settings icon

  3. Tap General
  4. iPhone General settings

  5. Scroll down to Accessibility and tap it.
  6. iPhone Accessibility settings

  7. Now scroll down to the LED Flash for Alerts item, and toggle it to ‘on’.
  8. turn iPhone LED notifications on or off

  9. Now when you receive a new notification the LED light on your iPhone will blink (very brightly!) even if your phone is set to silent/vibrate.
  10. iPhone LED blinking

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