How to “Type” Emojis on Your Mac

This guide will explain how to access and use Emoji’s on your Mac (the same emojis that are on your iPhone/iPad etc).

the Character Viewer displaying emojis on a Mac

It’s so easy once you know the trick!

All you have to do is hold down the control and command (⌘) keys and then hit the spacebar!

Select the Emoji category from the list on the far left side of the Character Viewer window. Then select the type of Emoji you’d like to “type” – eg. Smiley’s & People, Animals & Nature etc. Now, locate the Emoji you use and select it by clicking on it once. Finally, double click on the emoji that you want to use from the Font Variation section (bottom right corner of the Character Viewer window).

the Character Viewer displaying emojis on a Mac with instructions added

This will place the Emoji wherever your cursor is currently focused.

inserting an emoji into a tweet on a Mac

Each subsequent time you open the Character Viewer window to enter emojis, you won’t need to navigate to the Emoji category – it picks up where you left off the last time.

You can also make it faster to insert Emojis into text on your Mac by creating a “Favorite” list of the most common Emoji’s you use. Simply select the Emoji you want to ‘favorite’ and click the Add to Favorites button.

Adding an Emoji to the Favorites in the macOS Character Viewer

Now instead of selecting the Emoji ‘keyboard’ – just select Favorites!

the Favorite section of the Character Viewer

If you want to really customize your online communications with more than just emojis, why not create your own font?

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