How to Add Comcast Email to an iPhone or iPad

This tutorial will take you each step of the way through the process of adding a Comcast email address to your iPhone or iPad.

It’s worth noting up front that Comcast is also known as “Xfinity” – they’re the same company and this guide could just as easily be called “How to Add Xfinity Email to an iPhone or iPad”, the steps are identical.

  1. Start out by tapping the Settings button on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. the iphone and ipad settings button

  3. From the Settings menu, select Passwords & Accounts
  4. the Settings section of an iPhone

  5. In the ACCOUNTS section, select Add Account
  6. the Add Account section of Passwords & Accounts on an iPhone

  7. Choose Other from the list of options.
  8. the list of Account options to add on an iPhone

  9. From the MAIL section, select Add Mail Account
  10. adding an email account on an iPhone

  11. Enter in all of your email account settings – your Name as you would like it to appear on your outgoing messages, your full Email address and your email Password. The Mail app will automatically add a Description – you can change that if you wish. Once all of that information has been added, tap the Next button in the upper-right corner of the window.
  12. Adding Comcast Email to an iPhone

  13. The Mail app will now verify the information you just entered.
  14. the verification message for adding a Comcast email email account on an iPhone

  15. Once the verification has been confirmed, make sure the Mail switch is toggled ON and the Notes switch is toggled OFF. Tap Save

    the Mail account options in iOS

  16. Confirm that your newly added Comcast account has been added to the list of ACCOUNTS
  17. the list of Accounts on iOS with a Comcast email account highlighted

  18. You can close out of the Settings now and open the Mail app. After a moment all of your emails will download to your Inbox. Select it to view those messages.
  19. the Mail app in iOS with the inbox highlighted

  20. Ta-da! You can now send and receive your emails from your iPhone.
  21. a list of Comcast email messages in the Mail app on an iPhone or iPad

If these steps didn’t work, (unfortunately) you’ll need to contact Comcast Support, as it’s likely an issue with your password and they’ll need to reset it.

Please note: we also have step by step guides if you’d like to setup your Comcast email on a Mac or Windows PC.

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11 thoughts on “How to Add Comcast Email to an iPhone or iPad”

  1. Marilyn Schneider

    Is there a way to synch the iPhone’s MAIL with Comcast? It seems I have to delete files multiple times over my apple devices (iPad, iPhone)

    1. What nobody seems to be telling is that you need to go into you Comcast mail settings via the web and enable Security > Third Party Access Security option before setting up the account in iPhone Accounts. I just discovered this roaming around my settings via web interface and then I deleted and added my Comcast account. It works as expected now 😀

  2. wow, your description is much more easier to follow step by step. While some site content just information but you had given clear clarification on each step with an image. It is more easier and saves time through your content.
    Great help for the new user or beginner.

  3. I do not want IMAP. (Bewildered why so many people recommend this but that’s besides the point)

    When adding account to i-phone, IMAP is automatically selected. There is no opportunity to set up my account as POP3 because setting are automatically detected. Ugh, how do I set up my Comcast email as POP3?


  4. Sherry –

    Are you able to use that same password to sign into If not, you probably need to reset it, which will unfortunately mean contacting Comcast…

    1. Password is universal for your email. If it is not being accepted, most likely you need to reset your password from Comcast’s portal.

      1. Incoming IMAP Server:
        Incoming IMAP Server Port Number: 993 with SSL ON
        Ideal Authentication method: STARTTLS (but not mandatory)
        If Needed: 143 with SSL ON
        Outgoing Mail SMTP Server:
        Outgoing Mail SMTP Server Port Number: 587
        If Needed: 465 (SMTPS)
        Encryption: TLS (use SSL if TLS isn’t shown)
        Authentication: Your Comcast username and password

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