How to Change The Size of The Menu Bar in Windows 10

With just a few clicks you can change the font size used in the “menu bar” in Windows 10 so that they’re much more visible (and way easier to click and/or “tap”). This is particularly helpful if you’re using Windows 10 on a tablet or touch-screen device.

a before and after image of larger menus bars in windows 10

For a period of time, Microsoft allowed you to change the font size used in the various menu bars across Windows 10. Recently, they’ve taken that feature away and now force you to increase the font size system wide. This guide will explain how to change the size of the font that the menu bar uses, and leave the font sizes of everything else as they are.

  1. To begin, you’ll need to use a very small, completely free, and excellent little app named Advanced System Font Changer, which you can download here (scroll down the page until you locate the link titled Download and click it).
  2. Advanced System Font Changer doesn’t need to be installed, so just double-click advchange.exe to run it.
  3. The first time you run this app it will ask if you want to create a backup of your current settings. You absolutely do – so click the Yes button.

    a yes/no dialog box in Windows 10

  4. Choose a name for your backup file (any name will do, the default is fine) – and a location to save it. Click the Save button when you’re done.
  5. a File Manager Save As panel

  6. Now the main Advanced System Font Changer window will appear. Click the radio button next to the Menu item (see screenshot below).
  7. the Advanced System Font Changer main window

  8. Leave the Font and Font style items as they are, but change the Size to something larger. Start with 12 or 14 and see if one of those is large enough – of course this can be changed later.
  9. change font size for menu bars in Windows 10

  10. After you’e selected a size, click the Apply button.
  11. an arrow pointing at an Apply button

  12. At this point you’re going to have to sign out and then back in to Windows – so make sure any open work is saved first. Click the OK button when you’re ready.
  13. a sign out of windows dialog box

  14. Now open any application that has a Menu Bar – it’s bigger! :) If it’s not big enough, repeat the steps above until you find one you’re happy with.
  15. Windows 10 with a changed menu bar size size menu bar

If you’d like to make Windows 10 even more usable, you can also increase the scrollbar size.

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11 thoughts on “How to Change The Size of The Menu Bar in Windows 10”

  1. Very sad that Microsoft is not user-friendly for elderly people or persons with some disability with their eyes!

  2. Now how about instructions to REDUCE the height of the menu bars. My bars are at least 1 inch in
    height. Two menu bars and folder tab X 1 inch takes away a lot of my screen. Also the status
    bar but I can hide it while I’m working. Older versions of Windows had a sections where you could
    make adjustments to all these settings but no more. Thanks for any help. Btw, reducing the font
    size does not reduce the menu height. There is about a 1/4″ margin above & below the fonts.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. That option no longer is available Please make that option available again in one of your updates
    can’t read what is on the menu bar.

  4. It’s one of the options Microsoft decided that nobody needs anymore and have removed in later versions of Windows 10.

  5. Sadly, despite meticulously folowing the instructions, there was no ‘Menu’ and no drop-down list. Can you think of any reason for taking away this option????

  6. Hello! My version of Windows 10 doesn’t have “Advanced Settings” in Display. Do you have any other advice? Thanks!

  7. Vincent Paul Migliore

    Doesn’t work. Do not have “advance settings” in my version of Windows10 in DISPLAY option… now what???

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