How to Increase The Size of The Menu Bars in Windows 10

With just a few clicks, you can resize the “menus” in Windows 10 so that they’re much more visible (and way easier to click and/or “tap”).
a before and after image of larger menus bars in windows 10

This is particularly helpful if you’re using Windows 10 on a tablet or touch-screen device.

  1. Start out by clicking the Windows 10 “Start” button and select Settings
  2. the windows 10 start menu with Settings highlighted

  3. Select System from the list of Settings.
  4. the System section of the Windows 10 Settings panel

  5. Make sure that Display is selected in the left column, scroll down to the bottom of the Display options and select Advanced display settings
  6. the windows 10 display settings

  7. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen as well, and select Advanced sizing of text and other items
  8. the windows 10 advanced display settings

  9. Here we go: first, select Menu from the ‘drop down list’. Second, decide what new font size you want to use. The default is 9, I’d suggest trying out 12 first and see if that’s large enough for your needs. Finally, click the Apply button.
  10. the Display window in the Windows 10 Control Panel

  11. Now open any application that has a Menu Bar – it’s bigger! :) If it’s not big enough, simply change the Menu font size to something higher and click Apply to try it out. When you’re happy with the size, just exit out of this window. That’s it!
  12. Windows 10 with larger Menu Bar with an increased font size and caption

6 thoughts on “How to Increase The Size of The Menu Bars in Windows 10”

  1. Vincent Paul Migliore

    Doesn’t work. Do not have “advance settings” in my version of Windows10 in DISPLAY option… now what???

  2. Hello! My version of Windows 10 doesn’t have “Advanced Settings” in Display. Do you have any other advice? Thanks!

  3. Sadly, despite meticulously folowing the instructions, there was no ‘Menu’ and no drop-down list. Can you think of any reason for taking away this option????

  4. Algot Runebjörk

    It’s one of the options Microsoft decided that nobody needs anymore and have removed in later versions of Windows 10.

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