How to Clear the Firefox Cache, History and Cookies

This brief overview will show you how to clear the cache, history and cookies (or any combination of) in the Firefox web browser.

  1. Click the “Open menu” button from the upper-right corner of Firefox (the button with ‘3 dashes’ on top of each other, see screenshot below) and select Options from that menu.
  2. Select Privacy & Security from the list of options on the left side of the window.
  3. Scroll down to the History section and look for the ‘link’ titled clear your recent history. When you’ve located it, give it a click.
  4. First you need to select the ‘time period’ you want to clear. To do so, click the Time range to clear: menu.
  5. Choose Everything from that menu.
  6. Finally, decide exactly what you’d like to clear. If you’re here because you’re troubleshooting an issue with Firefox, it’s probably best to select at least the Cookies and Cache. If you’re here to delete the list of sites you’ve visited, make sure to select Browsing & Download History, Cookies and Cache. When you’re ready, click the Clear Now button.
  7. That’s it – all done!

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