How to Find and Download Subtitles The Insanely Easy Way

This brief overview will get you started using perhaps the best subtitle locating and downloading App ever created, SubChan. It’s completely free and couldn’t possibly be easier to use.

  1. First things first, head over to the SubChan home page and click the Download button. Once the .zip file has finished downloading (it’s not big) open it up and extract the contents to your Downloads folder. SubChan doesn’t ‘install’ the same way most software does, so what you’ll need to do is copy the Subchan-beta folder somewhere out of the way but permanent. I opted to use my Videos folder, but just about anywhere on your hard drive should be fine.
  2. Now, open that Subchan-beta folder and run the SubChan.exe file by double-clicking it.
  3. A small window will appear with one button in it – Add to Context Menu. Click that button.
  4. The installation and setup have now been completed. SubChan doesn’t (at this time) have an obvious way to close itself, so to exit the program either hit the Escape (Esc) key on your keyboard, or right-click the SubChan item in your taskbar and select Close window.
  5. From now on, any time you want to find the subtitles for a video (movies and TV shows) simply right-click on the video file itself and select SubChan from the context menu.
  6. SubChan will launch and instantly start displaying subtitle results for your video. Click the best looking result.
  7. That’s it, you’re done. It really is that easy. SubChan will download the subtitle file (.srt) to the same location as the video file itself.
  8. Load the subtitles up in your favourite media player and make sure everything looks good.
  9. If the subtitles aren’t perfectly in sync, right-click the video file and select SubChan again – this time try a different subtitle result.

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