How to “Right-Click” in VNC Viewer

This quick overview will explain how to ‘right-click’ when you’re using VNC Viewer (by RealVNC) for Android or iOS (iPhone’s and iPad’s).

The short and quick answer is: tap the screen with two fingers. Here’s the problem – it can be bafflingly difficult to accomplish this one seemingly easy gesture. Fortunately, there’s another way.

  1. Tap the ‘mouse’ icon from the little navigation bar at the top of the main VNC screen.
  2. On the bottom-right corner of the VNC screen, a small “reversed L” ( ⅃ ) is superimposed over the window. The bottom ‘bar’ part of the ⅃ is separated into 3 parts. If you tap the leftmost section, it will send a “left-click” to the VNC window. If you tap the center section, a “middle-click” will be sent. Which leaves the far right section – our sought after “right-click”.
  3. When you tap that right-click section, the right-click action will occur wherever the cursor is currently located in the guest operating system, so make sure it’s in the right place first.

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7 thoughts on “How to “Right-Click” in VNC Viewer”

  1. Hi, It doesnt work with RealVNC Viewer in Touch panel mode connected to Raspbian 10. I have no other systems I can connect to, so I cannot test it.

  2. dhenin Jean-Jacques

    Je voudrais utiliser un ancien iPhone 4 avec iOS 7.1.2.
    Il est jailbreaké ey Veency y est installé.
    Quand j’utilise VncVewer ou Chicken on VNC, je visualise parfaitement mon iPhone cependant mon clavier iMac (francais) est pris en compte par l’iPhone comme un clavier américain. De plus je ne parviens pas à “presser” les boutons de l’iPhone avec la souris.
    Ma question : quel client utilisez-vous ?
    Et si vous avez d’autres remarques ou d’autres idées, … je suis preneur.
    Bien cordialement.

  3. The short and quick answer is: tap the screen with two fingers. — it works! on my MacBookPro High Sierra. June 2018
    Thanks !

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