How to Display the Weather in Chrome

This step by step guide will show you how to configure your Chrome web browser so that information on the weather is always right at hand.

While researching this tutorial I had a couple of requirements in mind. I want the current temperature to be displayed inside of Chrome without having to click or do anything, but I want it to be subtle and ‘fit in’ with the overall look and feel of the browser. Another requirement was to be able to get additional and more detailed information about the weather within a click or two at most.

The only realistic solution was to use an Extension for Chrome. After installing and trying out over 20 weather related extensions, it became very clear – only two of them fit my criteria, and most were borderline unusable.

The two weather Extensions for Chrome that I recommend are Forecastfox and Opalo Weather. Keep reading for a quick overview with details on how to configure and use both of them.


  1. To install Forecastfox head over to its Chrome Extension page and click the Add to Chrome button.
  2. When prompted, click the Add extension button.
  3. Once the extension has successfully installed, it’ll automatically open a new tab in Chrome from which you can configure Forecastfox. There are a lot of options, but the most important one is which location you want to monitor (although you can configure multiple locations, let’s start by setting one). Enter the city, zip code or a nearby place of interest in the space provided.
  4. The Forecastfox icon will now display the temperature of the location you just specified.
  5. If you hover your cursor over the icon (don’t click it) a more detailed weather description will appear. All of the information contained in this little window is customizable via the Settings.
  6. If you click the Forecastfox icon an even more detailed window will appear, with pretty colours and a fancy map (again, all of which are customizable via the Settings).

Oplao weather

  1. To install Oplao weather head over to its Chrome Extension page and click the Add to Chrome button.
  2. When prompted, click the Add extension button.
  3. After the extension has successfully installed a small confirmation window will appear below the newly installed icon for Oplao weather. Click that icon.
  4. Locate the Options button from the bottom right corner of the weather pop-up screen and click it.
  5. From here you’ll want to add the city/location (or the first of several) where you want to monitor the weather. Click inside the ‘blank box’ located on the WEATHER OPTIONS window (see screenshot below).
  6. Start to type the name of the location and it should display a list of cities/places. Select the one you want to monitor by clicking on it once.
  7. Repeat the above step if you want to add more than one location. When you’re done, select the one you want to have the Oplao weather icon to display in your Chrome toolbar (ie. the one that you’ll be able to check at a glance with no clicking involved) and click the SET AS DEFAULT button.
  8. Now whenever you want to know what the temperature outside is you can just glance at your Oplao weather icon.
  9. When you click the icon you’re presented with a detailed overview of the weather. If you configured Oplao weather to monitor more than one location, use the ‘left’ and ‘right’ arrow buttons to switch between places.

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