How to Remove Tidal From Plex

This brief guide will show you how to remove Tidal from the various navigation menus in Plex.

Even though Tidal is a great service, I already have Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and Plex subscriptions and I can’t really justify yet another one. Since I don’t use Tidal, removing it from Plex helps keep things ‘tidy’.

  1. Select the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of Plex.
  2. From the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, select the Online Media Sources link.
  3. Click the Edit link in the Tidal row.
  4. Choose Disabled from the pull-down menu and then click the Save Changes button.
  5. Now Tidal will be gone from the main navigation panel in Plex.
  6. And Tidal will also be gone from the pull-down list of media sources.
  7. Note: You can also repeat the above steps to remove the Web Shows, News and Podcast sections if you don’t use those either.

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