How to Add Weather to Google Calendar

This guide will show you how to subscribe to a free calendar service (no sign up required) which will display the weather for each day in your Google Calendar.

the weather displayed in Google Calendar


There are two services that provide this functionality, but as of late, one seems to be much more reliable than the other. Our suggestion is to try out the first one, which doesn’t really have a name so I’m calling it Weather Forecast with Icons. If it’s not to your liking, you can try out the other by clicking here (or just scroll down) for instructions on setting up – which isn’t quite as reliable. Update: is moving to and is now a paid service (approx. $6 USD/year). So now more than ever, I’d recommend trying “Weather Forecast with Icons” first – it’s free and reliable.

There are a couple of differences between the two – Weather Forecast with Icons uses emojis ⛅️ ?️ ☀️ ?️, does not. offers a bit more information – “Heat index”, “Wind chill” and “Dew point” are some examples.

Adding the Weather to Google Calendar using Weather Forecast with Icons

  1. One of the great things about this method is that it’s SUPER easy to setup. Head over to the Weather Forecast with Icons page and enter in the name of your city.
  2. entering a city into a web input box

  3. Then decide if you want to use Celsius or Fahrenheit and whether you’d like to have the temperature represented by the daily high or the low/high range.

    two options for adding the weather to your google calendar

  4. Finally, click the big Add to your Calendar button.
  5. a big add to your calendar button

  6. You’ll be redirected to your Google Calendar and an Add calendar pop-up will appear. Click the Add button.
  7. the add calendar pop-up for gcal

  8. Now you’ll have a 14 day forecast in your Google Calendar!
  9. a 14 day weather forecast in google calendar

  10. If you click one of the weather entries on your calendar you’ll be presented with a detailed list of weather attributes for that day.
  11. detailed weather attributes for a specific day

  12. That’s it – you’re all done! If you find the “Weather Forecast with Icons” service useful, consider throwing the developer a few dollars via the “Make a donation” link.


Adding the Weather to Google Calendar with

Update: is moving to and is now a paid service (approx. $6 USD/year).

  1. Start out by heading over to (link opens in a new tab/window) and select the Science tab.
  2. the science tab on

  3. Scroll down to the Weather section and click the link titled Select a location

    the weather section of

  4. Navigate to the location of the weather you want to monitor on your Google Calendar. Use the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons when necessary (a lot) and when you’ve found the location, click it to put a ‘scope’ on it. Now click the Use this location button.
  5. a google map of astoria ny

  6. Select the Rename link.
  7. rename the location of a web calendar

  8. Give the name something a little more user-friendly for your calendar then click the Use this name button.
  9. the confirmation dialog box on

  10. Select the Settings link.
  11. the settings link on the calendar section of

  12. From here you can choose between having your calendar display info in Fahrenheit or Celsius and/or mph vs. km/h (or even m/s). Finally, click the Subscribe Weather button.
  13. the settings options for the weather on

  14. Your Google Calendar will open and display a confirmation box. Click the Add button.
  15. google calendar add new calendar confirmation window

  16. Ta-da! You now have a 5 day forecast of the weather for the location you specified!
  17. a google calendar with the weather displayed each day

  18. Click on one of the weather items for a full description of the weather forecast.
  19. the full weather information on google calendar

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40 thoughts on “How to Add Weather to Google Calendar”

  1. Thanks for the heads up! I’d recommend “Weather Forecast with Icons” above anyway, now even more. I’ve been assured the core functionality of Weather Forecast with Icons will remain free (at some point they may introduce additional features for $, but the main service will remain free).

    Perhaps the service replacing will at least be much more stable…

  2. is going away soon. They are asking people to subscribe to, which requires a paid account for weather. :(

  3. 2020-09-09 – Tried both WeatherUnderground and methods.

    WeatherUnderground does not seem to work for me. works! Thank you very much.

  4. The calendar shows in my “other calendars” but none of the weather is showing on the actual calendar :-(
    This did NOT work for me.

  5. Thank you so much for this. I really wanted weather on my samsung ‘always on display’. I’d tried weatherbug and weatherunderground, but they were always pushed out of my status bar by other notifications. This solves my problem completely by making weather a daily calendar event.

  6. WebCal is not working for me. It says I have an invalid IP address and when I click on select location, it just sends me to the top of the same page. My antivirus is off and there is no pop-up blocking so I’m not sure what’s up. I also have tried in putting my longitude and latitude and it did add to my google calendar, but it is not updating with future dates, just the original first five days.

  7. For the WebCal- it’s working for me as of Feb, 2020 but it needs to be added manually.

    Go through all the steps and click ”Subscribe Weather”
    A popup should open in google calendar, copy the website (URL) address in that popup and then click ”Cancel” to close the popup.

    In google Calendar click settings > add calendar from url> paste the address you copied > click add calendar.

  8. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing this info. However, the default settings only display weather information for the current week. Is it possible to extend this to a month?

  9. Ooops. I see that it actually did work in the other browsers. My page just jumped around and looked like it did not. Sorry for the confusion.

  10. I tried adding the weather calendar using Opera and Chrome browsers and the URL link page opened and then instantly closed a split second later. Only when I used Microsoft Edge browser could I get the page to open and stay open long enough to copy the URL into my Google calendar. After that everything worked fine. Thanks for the help.

  11. I followed the instructions for the calendar and was able to get it in Google Calendar but the forecast is consistently 10 degrees F too low. I put in the right location. I notice that the settings show GMT 0:00, whereas I’m -6 GMT, but I don’t know if that matters. The forecast certainly is even more off for Greenwich UK.
    I’ve re-done the calendar from several times and no change.
    Any help?

  12. Is the blank map colored blue? If so, you’re probably looking at the ocean (possibly somewhere off the coast of Africa). Zoom out until you see land, then drag the map to your location. I hope this helps.

    How did you do that? I followed the instructions until I got to “Select a location” A blank map appeared. Tried several times. Then I found my lat and longitude and manually put that in and NOTHING happened. I had for 2 weeks in the summer and has never come back. I tried getting it back today and NO GO.
    Why won’t a map appear on WebCal?????

  14. Today works perfectly and these instructions are good.

    Wunderground displayed no content with the two different zip codes I tried in RI.

  15. Oh my goodness, didn’t mean to have my last name on the last comment show up. Can you please delete it?

    Original comment:
    What does the first +XX… mean? Like it says for today, “+30…+45°F, moderate rain” — what’s the +30 mean?
    Thank you!

  16. I was able to add to my google calendar, manually.

    – Go to:
    – scroll down to “Weather”
    – click on “Select a location”, adjust map, click “Use this location”
    – click on “Settings” and select Fahrenheit (if you want)
    – click on “Show URL” button
    – scroll to the top of the page and copy the URL (in red)
    – go to google calendar
    – click the “+” in “Other Calendars” and select “From URL”
    – paste the URL into the form and click “Add Calendar”

  17. When I follow the steps for webcal — it doesn’t give me the option for Google; only Outlook (which isn’t even installed on my computer!) :)

  18. To Shea – to remove a calendar:
    1 go to Settings
    2 on the side bar, locate the calendar you want to remove
    3 click on that calendar
    4 an options list will drop down
    5 click on last option “Remove calendar”
    6 brings you to last option on main screen
    7 click on “Unsubscribe”

  19. Would love to disable this. Linked it years ago, moved 6 months ago and cant find where to turn off this calendar. Ugh.

  20. wunderground calendar not working on my google calendar as of today.

    I’m surprised that Google isn’t stepping up.

  21. My only showed 2 weeks in June then stopped and NEVER has returned. I tried adding it again and nothing!

  22. Wunderground calendar still not working, for me. It was showing the history, for a bit, but it’s no longer showing that, either. Anyone with any luck or new finds/ideas?

  23. Yes- very annoying- currently (July 16) the “Weather Calendar” 1) shows only today’s (and previous days, who needs it?) 2) how the heck can it be disabled, eliminated, deleted?

  24. Scott –

    It did clear up in June, and now there’s a “glitch” again. It’s happening more and more often, which is a bummer for sure. Sadly, I don’t think WU considers this a very important service… :(

  25. Mine stopped at July 9. It’s really useful and I’d like to get it back. Did anyone having difficulties in June have their problem clear up?

  26. It’s nice to have the weather back, via weather underground! However, I am getting only today’s weather with none of the mentioned forecast events….which, to be perfectly honest, is a waste of effort. If I need to go look at the NOAA site for tomorrow’s (and next few days) weather, I really don’t need the weather, for only today, taking up space on my calendar.

  27. How do I remove this calendar? It’s pushing too many appointments out of sight on the monthly view. I can’t see it as a separate calendar to remove?

  28. Renee D Mullaney

    These are great instructions. Googled how to get a weather calendar and this is the only thing that has worked. Thank you!

  29. Kathy and Erica –

    Give it a tiny bit of time, this has happened before (although never for this long…)

    If they don’t fix it in the next couple days I’ll be researching an alternative… Cheers!

  30. It appears that this service has been changed – my calendar weather stopped on 6/1/2019 and no future days display the calendar. I would love to know of another way to have weather on my calendar!

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