How to Be Notified of New Releases by Your Favorite Bands

This guide will show you step by step how to set up the Music Butler service so that you’re notified of new releases from your favorite bands or artists and never miss their new albums, singles and EPs again.

What is Music Butler?

Here’s how Music Butler explains their service

MusicButler sends you a daily e-mail to let you know when musicians/bands you like release new albums (or singles, or EPs, you choose). You can add artists to follow manually, or import them in bulk from your Apple Music, Spotify, or accounts.

You don’t need Spotify, Apple Music or, but you can use those services to import your favourite bands. Otherwise you can just type in the names of the bands and artists you want to monitor.

Get Notified of New Releases by Your Favorite Musicians

  1. Head over to the Music Butler site and click the Beta Sign-up button (note: the service is currently in its beta phase). Then fill out the required into to create an account. When you’re done, click the Sign me up! button.
  2. screenshot of the music butler sign up page

  3. Music Butler will now send you an email with a confirmation link. Go check your email and click on that link.
  4. Music Butler post sign-up messages

  5. Now that you’ve confirmed your account, sign in with your newly created credentials.
  6. screenshot of the Music Butler sign in page

  7. At this point you can begin adding bands and artists to monitor. In this example we’ll use Spotify start with. Click the Spotify link (see screenshot below).
  8. link a Spotify account with Music Butler

  9. On the CONNECT YOUR SPOTIFY page, click the Connect to Spotify button.
  10. the Music Butler connect to Spotify button

  11. Click the AGREE button on the Spotify agreement page.
  12. the Spotify usage agreement

  13. Back on the Music Butler page, make sure there’s a check in the Scan Entire Library (Recommended) box and then click the Confirm button.
  14. the Music Butler scan entire library button

  15. Music Brains will now scan your entire Spotify library and catalogue all of the artists you listen to.
  16. Music Butler importing artists and bands from Spotify

  17. You’ll be presented with a little summary window when the sync has completed.
  18. Summary of Music Butler imported artists

  19. Now for the fun part – click the Dashboard link at the top of the Web Butler page. A list of all the recent releases by your favorite musicians will be displayed, with links to find the release on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon.
  20. notifications of new releases by your favorite bands in the Music Butler dashboard

  21. If you scroll down you’ll find another section, this one is titled Upcoming Music Releases, and it includes a list of the upcoming releases by your favorite artist and the date of the release.
  22. notifications of upcoming releases by your favorite bands in the Music Butler dashboard

  23. While you’re browsing through the results, you may find a few bands that you don’t really want to monitor and they were included in your sync because you have one of their tracks saved on Spotify or Apple Music. To stop being notified of new releases by that band or artist, click on its name.
  24. an artists name highlighted

  25. Locate and click the unfollow button. Now you that band won’t be listed in the Latest Music Releases or Upcoming Music Releases sections, nor will you receive email notifications for that band/artist.
  26. unfollow an artist on music butler

  27. You can also import more of your favorite artists using Unlike with Spotify and Apple Music, the integration is an “import” and not a synchronized service. That means if you add more bands to your profile, they wont’ be automatically included in your future updates and notifications. To import from, click the Connect button and then select from the menu.
  28. import from link

  29. Enter your user name and select a time frame and the number of artists you want to import. When you’re done, click the Fetch Profile button.
  30. options

  31. Music Butler won’t create duplicates of the artists you’ve already added, synched or imported. If you’ve ‘unfollowed’ an artist, Music Butler even remembers not to include that artist going forward.
  32. importing artists to music butler

  33. If you have any questions by all means leave a comment below and ask, or check the Music Butler FAQs.

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