More Gmail news: IMAP now available for some accounts

It appears as though Google has decided to enable IMAP for some Gmail (and Google Apps for Your Domain) accounts. As it happens, all of my Google Apps for Your Domain accounts now have IMAP enabled, so I’m playing around with the settings and changes now.

IMAP on Gmail is a great thing because it means that you can setup Gmail in several mail clients (Thunderbird, Windows Mobile mail, etc) and they will all remain in sync – no more reading the same message twice or manually having to mark things as read. Once again, thanks Google!

imap gmail
Gmail POP/IMAP settings

For more info on IMAP (history etc) see this wikipedia article.

Overview: Mailplane – a Gmail client for OS X (plus beta invites)

Mailplane is a stand-alone Gmail client for OS X. Besides including all of the great features of Gmail, Mailplane adds extras such as built-in drag-and-drop attachments, quick import from iPhoto and iTunes, Growl notifications when you get new messages and much more.

Update: All 5 of my invites have been given away. If you’d like to sign up for an invitation to the beta program please visit If you’d like an invite to the beta program, leave a comment. I have 5 invites to give away to the first 5 commenters.

How to specify a webmail service (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail) as your default email program in OS X

I recently stumbled across a fantastic little program that allows you to specify a webmail service (like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail etc) as your default email program. When you click on a mailto: link, instead of Mail opening, your specified webmail service will launch in your default browser, with the email address pre-filled in a “compose” window. This tutorial will guide you through installing and setting up Webmailer for OS X. …

How to use vMailias to generate unique email addresses for easy sorting and filtering

vMailias is a small OS X app that helps you create unique redundant email addresses for web site registrations. Tracking which email address was used for which web site also makes it easy to set up rules to guide email from different web sites into their own folders, and to easily identify the source of spam to filter it out. Combined with gmail, and this becomes a very helpful application. …

Email Virus Warning: That Greeting Card isn't from Mom

From this Washington Post article:

Internet spammers launched a widespread attack on e-mail inboxes this month. But instead of trying to lure users into opening a corrupted attachment, they’re concealing a computer virus in a link to an online greeting card.

In most cases, the subject line informs recipients that they’ve received a greeting card or a postcard from a “friend,” “family member,” “worshipper,” “school-mate” or “neighbour.” When the e-mail is opened, there’s a link to a Web site that uploads a virus to the recipient’s computer.

I’ve received about 40 of them over the last week.

How to set up Thunderbird 2.0 for email

This tutorial will guide you in setting up Thunderbird 2.0.x for the first time. Though the screenshots are from OS X, the steps are virtually identical if you’re running Windows or Linux. The only difference is when you install in Windows you’ll run the .exe and click Next a few times; when you install in OS X you just drag to your Applications folder. …

Screenshot Simulation: Windows Mail

This screenshot simulation covers the Accounts, Options and Junk E-mail Options sections of Microsoft Windows Mail (the Outlook Express replacement for Vista).

Similar to the other screenshot simulations, this one opens in a new window.

Start by opening Windows Mail and selecting Tools

Overview: Attensa for Outlook

If you live and breath in Outlook (I used to spend 1/3 of my day in Outlook), Attensa may very well be the RSS reader for you.

Attensa integrates itself into Outlook so well that you’re not even aware it’s there most of the time. You can switch back and forth between reading email and RSS feeds so easily you’ll wonder why you used to use a browser or separate app for RSS. And best of all, it’s free. …