5 Online Tools to Convert Files

Converting files from one format to another can often be a hassle. Sometimes you need different software and a lot of the time it’s not free. To get rid of these problem, we came across some online tools to help you convert almost any file online. Whether it’s an audio file, video file, image file or document – one of these tools will help you convert it. …

How to quickly share files with your friends

One of the problems I have with file sharing is that more often than not, it’s rather slow. When I say file sharing, I mean between one person and a friend, not bittorrent, eDonkey or Gnutella. For this you usually have to go through an Instant Messenger’s file sharing program or through sites like Rapidshare or Megaupload. The problem with IM file sharing is that it’s usually slow and if it gets interrupted, often you’ll have to start all over. The problem with sites like Rapidshare is that they don’t stream, which can be frustrating. Yes, there are sites like Streamfile that try to fix that last problem, but it can still mess up and you have to start all over! …

Review & Setup: OpenArena

OpenArena is an open source First Person Shooter based around a Quake engine. It’s fast, violent, and very entertaining. And best of all, it runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X! It also has very low system requirements and can is portable, making it perfect for passing around the office and playing a few games while the boss isn’t looking. Not that I encourage that type of thing. …

10 Windows Application Launchers compared and reviewed

In this article you’ll find brief reviews, screenshots and download locations for 10 different Windows application launchers. If you can’t find one you like in this list, I’ve also included links to 5 6 (thanks Vince!) more at the very bottom.

Name Price Rating (x/5)
Dash Command $19.95 **
Find and Run Robot free ****
Launchy free ****½
nDroid free **½
SlickRun free ***½
Speed Launch free ***½
Start++ free ****
ToolBox free **½
True Launch Bar $19.90 ***
Vista Start Menu n/a ***½

Review: Spotify

Since moving back to Canada, I haven’t been able to get my music fix with Pandora (listeners located outside of the U.S. can’t use Pandora). I’ve never been a huge fan – the catalog of streamable music doesn’t include a lot of my favorite bands. In general, I’m just not a huge fan of online music services. Until now. Spotify, a lightweight Windows and OS X client, connects you to a vast collection of music. And it works outside of the US. Keep reading for my brief overview. …

Overview: Delicious Library for OS X

Delicious Library has been out for a while. I know this. I’ve had their site bookmarked for months, and during my last ‘bookmark cleanup’, I decided it was time to finally time to download and install it. The following article is part tutorial, part overview, and has lots of screenshots. If you’re a serious DVD, book or CD collector, you may want to take it for a spin. …