How to get detailed information on each running process in Windows

Ever wondered which program has a particular file or directory open? Or looked at your running processes and wondered what one was? Process Explorer helps you determine the answer to both questions.

  1. Download Process Explorer, and unzip it somewhere on your hard drive. C:\Program Files\Process Explorer is one idea, though you’ll have to create the folder manually (Process Explorer doesn’t come with an installer file, you just extract and run it).
  2. The main window consists of two sections – the Process name column, and the description column.

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  4. To get the full details of every process, select File and then Show Details for All Processes.
  5. Now you’ll get more details in the Description row and company names in the Company Name row.

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  7. If you find an unfamiliar process, right-click it and select Properties.
  8. From here you’ll get a very, very detailed description of the process.

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  10. Select the Performance tab to determine how many resources the process is using (memory, CPU etc).

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  12. Explore the other options of Process Explorer – there are some very advanced and useful features.