How to Change Your Computer Name in Windows 7

This guide will take you step by step (with screenshots) through the process to change your Computer Name in Windows 7.

1. To change the computer name, open the Start Menu and right-click on computer and click on Properties.

windows start menu right-click context menu

2. Alternately, you can right-click on the Computer icon on your Desktop if you have it showing and click Properties.

right-click on My Computer context menu

3. Then click on the Advanced system settings link in the left panel.

Windows Control Panel Advanced system settings link

4. In the System Properties window click on the Computer Name tab, then the Change button. Notice in this window you can also enter in a computer description if you want as well.

Windows 7 System Properties Computer Name tab

5. Clear whatever is in the Computer name field and type in whatever you want to change the computer name to and click OK.

change the computer name in Windows 7

6. A restart is required to apply the changes. You’ll get one dialog advising you of this, and another to actually restart your system.

confirmation dialog box to change the computer name in Windows 7

restart computer dialog box for Windows 7

7. When you come back from the restart and log in, right-click on Computer and you’ll see the new name you changed the PC too.

Windows 7 with a new name

That is all there is to it! If you need to change the computer name in Windows 7 for any reason…this should help you get it done. If you’re still an XP user check out our article on how to change the computer name in XP.

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