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How to install applications on your N95 from a local web server

After writing more than a dozen of these tutorials and installing and removing so many different applications, I thought to myself, there has got to be a faster way. WiFi is far faster than Bluetooth and far more convenient than digging for a USB data cable. I have a computer running Linux, I have a wireless network, and the N95 connects via WiFi so why not just run Apache on my computer and point the N95 at a directory on the computer? …

How to turn your N95 into a wireless access point

This tutorial will guide you through turning your Nokia N95 into a WiFi (wireless) access point. No more tethering via USB or Bluetooth. Using JoikuSpot Light, a totally free utility that works well as long as you only need to use HTTP and HTTPS protocols, you’ll be up and surfing in no time. You’ll have to go with JoikuSpot Premium if you need POP3, SMTP, etc. …

How to use the DD-WRT firmware to monitor your bandwidth

Previously I’ve shown you how to monitor your bandwidth using applications you install on your PC/Mac (Windows | macOS). The method I outline in this very brief tutorial uses the DD-WRT firmware. Instead of capturing your uploads and downloads on each computer, which works very well if you live in a single-computer household, this method monitors your usage at the router level. So there’s no need to install software on each PC/Mac and then walk around with a calculator to add it all up. …

How to flash the Linksys WRT54G v8 with the DD-WRT Firmware

This tutorial will walk you every step of the way through flashing your Linksys WRT54G (version 8) router to use the DD-WRT firmware.

According to Wikipedia, the Linksys WRT54G v8.0 is “currently one of the most commonly available (routers) at US retail establishments, such as Best Buy and Target”. Due to hardware limitations, the 8.x versions (8.0, 8.1 and 8.2) are only able to run the “micro” version of the DD-WRT firmware (you can find a firmware version feature comparison chart here). Even so, the micro version of the DD-WRT firmware provides dozens of features, many of which are not available with the default Linksys firmware.

This walkthrough is based on the WRT54G v8.x tutorial on the DD-WRT wiki. The biggest difference between this one and the one on the DD-WRT wiki is that I’ve elaborated a bit, and provided screenshots for each step. …

How to connect to a Windows XP computer from Windows Vista

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to access any shared files, folders or printers you may have set up on Windows XP, from Windows Vista.

A bit of background, from a Microsoft TechNet site that isn’t around anymore:

Network Map uses a discovery protocol called Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) in order to query the other devices on the network to determine how the network is organized. Computers that are running Windows Vista include the software components that implement the LLTD protocol. For network computers that are running Windows XP to appear on the map, they must have a discovery protocol enabled that can respond to the mapping computer’s requests.