Using Boot Camp to install Windows 7 on your Mac: The Complete Walkthrough

Somewhat similar to the Using Boot Camp to install Vista on your Mac walkthrough (and now the Using Boot Camp to Install Windows 8 on Your Mac: The Complete Walkthrough), this tutorial will take you every step of the way through installing Microsoft Windows 7 on your Intel Mac (running 10.5 or later), using Boot Camp.

Note: if you’d rather not dual boot OS X and Windows 7, you can always install Windows 7 in a virtual environment using Parallels Desktop 6.0 for Mac.

To install Windows 7 on your Mac using Boot Camp you will need the following:

  1. All firmware updates installed on your Mac (use Apple Button -> Software Update… to check)
  2. A Windows 7 installation DVD
  3. Your OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard installation DVD
  4. Around 30GB of empty hard drive space on your Mac. You can probably get away allocating less than 30GB to Windows 7, but it will leave very little room to install anything in Windows.
  5. An hour if all goes well, up to 5 hours if not
  6. Though not absolutely required, it’s a VERY good idea to have a complete and up to date Time Machine backup of OS X – it really came in handy for me. Because part of the process involves partitioning your drive, there’s always the distinct chance something will go wrong and everything will be wiped out.
  7. Patience, possibly a great deal of it. Having a book handy will also help kill time during the partitioning, installing etc).

Installing Windows 7 via Boot Camp

  1. Here goes. First thing – close absolutely every open program you can. That includes those things running in the Apple Menu that you always forget about. Don’t worry about killing the Dock or Dashboard – having those running is fine.
  2. Now open a Finder and navigate to Applications -> Utilities and double-click Boot Camp Assistant.
  3. finder displaying the boot camp utility
    click to enlarge

  4. Click Continue on the initial Introduction screen. Ignore the fact that it doesn’t mention Windows 7 as a possible OS to install.
  5. Now you have to decide how much space you want to allocate to Windows 7. You might be able to get away with going as low as 10GB, but I would highly advise against it. You’ll have almost no space left over to install software, and your page file in Windows might cause frequent crashes. I opted for 20GB, which left me with just a bit over 16GB to use after installing Windows 7.

    To change the amount of space to dedicate to Windows 7, click the small divider between Mac OS X and Windows, and drag it to the left.

  6. click to enlarge

  7. Once you’ve determined how much space you want to allocate to Windows 7, click the Partition button.

  8. click to enlarge

  9. The partitioning itself doesn’t take particularly long. If you receive an error, proceed to step 10 of the “How to install Vista with Boot Camp” tutorial. It provides all the troubleshooting info you need to resolve partitioning issues. Once you’ve cleared up any problems, or if everything just goes smoothly, proceed with the next step in this tutorial.

  10. click to enlarge

  11. Once completed you’ll notice a new BOOTCAMP drive on your desktop.
  12. Now insert your Windows 7 DVD and click the Start Installation button.

  13. click to enlarge

  14. Your Mac will restart, and Windows 7 will boot. You’ll be prompted with a window asking you which partition you want to install Windows on. Select the one with BOOTCAMP in the Name column. Selecting anything else may wipe out OS X or cause serious problems. Then select the Drive options (advanced) link.

  15. click to enlarge

  16. With the BOOTCAMP volume still selected, click the Format link.

  17. click to enlarge

  18. Click OK.

  19. click to enlarge

  20. And Windows 7 will begin to install. It’s a fairly boring process, so you may want to grab yourself a cup of coffee or your beverage of choice. But don’t go too far away, because when your system reboots, you’ll need to remove the Windows 7 DVD.

  21. click to enlarge

  22. With the Windows 7 DVD removed, your Mac will automatically boot back into Windows 7, and the installation will complete. You’ll be prompted to select your language, keyboard layout etc. The rest of the Windows 7 installation process is very straight forward.
  23. Once the installation has completed and your Mac has restarted again, you’ll be able to use Windows 7. WiFi will work immediately (no drivers to install) so connect to the Internet. Windows 7 will then begin to download updates, including the proper video card driver. Let it do its thing.
  24. Once completed, you’ll be prompted to reboot yet again. Do so.

  25. click to enlarge

  26. Once Windows 7 boots back up again, you’ll notice the resolution is much better, and you can enable the advanced graphics features.

  27. click to enlarge

  28. But if you check for sound, you’ll notice there are no sound drivers installed.
  29. Insert your OS X Leopard (or Snow Leopard) DVD. When prompted, select Run setup.exe. Note: If you’re using Snow Leopard and a message pops up saying “Remote Install Mac OS X”, close that window and eject the CD. Put the CD in again and this time select “Open folder to view files”, navigate to the Bootcamp folder, and run setup.exe.
  30. The Boot Camp installer will launch. Click Next to begin.

  31. click to enlarge

  32. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and then click Next again.

  33. click to enlarge

  34. Make sure that Apple Software Update for Windows is checked, and click Install.

  35. click to enlarge

  36. The Boot Camp installer will do its thing, and install all the required drivers.

  37. click to enlarge

  38. Notifications will pop up with each driver that gets installed.
  39. Once completed, click Finish.

  40. click to enlarge

  41. And yet again you’ll be prompted to reboot. Remove your OS X Leopard DVD from the drive, and click Yes to restart.
  42. At this point most of the hardware on your Mac should be working in Windows. However, some iMacs and MacBook Pro’s will have to update to the 3.1 version of Boot Camp for Windows. To do so, just follow the few steps in this tutorial.
  43. Note: If you still have problems with sound not working, you’ll need to install the Realtek drivers. This tutorial will explain what to do.
  44. That’s it, you’re done! When your Mac boots, hold down the Option key to select which Operating System you want to boot into.
  45. do you want to boot into OS X or Windows I choose OS X

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  2. Recently, I installed windows 7 profession on my Mac using bootcamp, Where I bought product key from ODosta Store, But I could not use as it was oem, I contacted their support team, where they told me that I’ve to buy their fpp license to activate my OS, but it was costly, So please tell me, is there any other cheap solution.

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  14. Hi Guys, I have a Retina MP 2013 edition. How would this work if I have no CD drive and no install CD of Mavericks?? Also, I have a Windows 7 installation CD for PC will this work? Great instructions, I’m eager to get started!!

    1. You can creat a bootable USB using bootcamp assistant. i will recommend to go for USB3.0 32 GB at least or get ready for a real long time( don’t get frustrated when it seems nothing is happening, believe me the process id still running )
      after the USB had been successfully created the mac will restart automatically, but if u see an error” No bootmedia ( or something like that)” restart mac and keep on pressing ALT-Option key until u see three drives (1-Mac, 2-Windows, 3-EFI boot) select WINDOWS and here you go :)

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  16. Shallabh Dixitt


    Thanks for your efforts and detailed info. As per your screenshots we can see that the Aero style graphics are not being enabled even after drivers installation. Could you please provide some inputs on this. Whether installing windows 7 via Bootcamp supports Aero Style features or not.?

    Shallabh Dixitt

    1. Dude, I have a Macbook 1st generation (early 2008), installed Windows 7 Ultimate and drivers refuse to install, but Aero works from the start! :|

  17. okay so i have a macbook pro and am in need of wndows 7 on here…. if there was a certain terrent to buy and then burn it on a blank disc can u let me know how to do that and how to make that disc bootable cuz everytime i try it out it wont boot up plz help me out… im at a loss i have a activation code for home premium but that cant help me cuz the disc wont boot up

    1. That’s called pirating.

      Usually Microsoft would allow you to request an ISO using your product key…

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  21. Dear Ross McKillop…. 100%!!!!!!!!

    0%….1%….. cool, cool, cool…. everything’s right now without any problem. Very important to Section 12 of your instructions for many users: If the (expanding files) percent counter remains on zero percent (0%) please wait up to 10 minutes (to 1%). The process of expanding to 1% takes a while. After that everything is running dreamlike also without Paragon’s nfts or other costly downloads. Lot of THANKS!!!

    1. Live with it because my Boot Camp drivers won’t install but I’M FINE

      Just use an external mouse if you want to right-click…

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  23. so when i bought my macbook air, it didnt come with an osx disc, it doesnt have a disc drive so i’m not surprised buuuut.. the osx disc seems to be a crucial part of this walkthrough

  24. Many Thanks for your useful Installation Turtorial. I did install 7 from SNOW Leo and its the same prozedure. There were 2 DVD´s with the Mac and “OSX Install DVD” was the right.

  25. I hit cancel installation because i forgot to click something and now it is stuck at the “the installation was cancelled” and the cursor just keeps spinning. What do i do?

  26. Thanks for the supporter !!! Even i can’t find help from the closer friend that I believed. Once thanks man I can do by myself

  27. I dont have some CD with mac OS X, i didn’t get any when i bought my macbook pro 2011. What should i do?

    Thanks for your help!

  28. Hello, i am doing every thing like you show,  i am just using bootable usb to install windows, but when i finished the instaling of win 7, the win 7 restart and i cannot open the win 7 again…
    I dont have any idea was happening, because yestarday  i did the same thing on my mac book pro, and know i cant do on my mac book air 2011…..
    Someone have a ansewer????

  29. Thomassparenberg

    hey  man, i dont have a dvd but a usb drive on which windows setup is. how do i do step 7 with my usb drive?

    1. Your Partition would be completely wiped and until you start a new partition your computer would remain fully mac.

  30. Angie Verhaegen

    They told me installing windows on my mac would go very easily when using bootcamp… the truth was the opposite :) troubles troubles troubles, until I found this guide,

    thank you so much, you saved my mac! LOVE YOU!!

  31. I install Win7, system reboots & I just get a black screen with a cursor blinking up at the top left corner. I have left it there for 10 minutes but nothing seems to happen.

    When I turn off my Mac & back on, holding down options, it only has my Hard Drive for my Lion & the disk in the drive for Windows7.

    I cannot get Windows 7 to install & work.
    Thanks for your help!

  32. Do i have to buy a new copy of Windows 7 or will a current copy i have on my lenovo laptop do , ( I mean the product key)

  33. I have the same problem. I need to install the drivers, but i can’t due to the fact that i can’t connect to the internet. I really need help on how to connect to the internet.

  34. Thanks Sam Hardy! That helped a lot, as my WiFi didn’t work when I installed. Having said that, I’m not using Lion, so I presume it effects a lot more than just Lion users. I just used my Mac OSX install disc to install the windows drivers. Loaded the DVD, ran the setup.exe and it installed EVERYTHING for me. Very easy.

    Also, as a note. The Tutorial seems to be based on installing Win7 home or something. I partitioned my drive for 25GB and when I installed Win7 (ultimate) it took up 24GB!! So I only had a gig left. So ultimate takes up a lot more space. I had to delete the partition and start again. Time consuming, but atleast once you do it you realize how easy it is.

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  38. Awesome guide, worked great for me except i had the ‘wifi’ problem too.

    *+*+*+* LION USER’S *+*+*+*
    Once Windows 7 re-boots itself and logs you back in (when the screen still has bad resolution) you need to manually eject the Installation CD if you haven’t already. (eject button doesn’t work as the Apple keyboard has yet to be configured).

    Then insert your ‘Hard Disk Partition Windows Setting Software” that you burned to a CD/DVD/USB device and it will auto-run. Click OK and let it do its thing…

    Once complete, do another re-boot and as outlined above the resolution will change and the ‘wifi’ & ‘ethernet’ will work and any updates needed will start.

    This step (for users who brought the mac with Lion already installed) will automatically do all the sound drivers etc that required the SL disc in the steps mentioned above.

    Problem solved and Windows 7 will be properly installed.

  39. Ok. I have successful done this without any error, but boot option at the beginning isn’t appears.. I have try to hold down the option key and command key but nothing I get a white screen and after 2-3 seconds it’s boots on windows 7… Any ideas??

  40. I have followed all the steps successfully until I click on the install button and when the win 7 disk boots I get a black screen with a dos prompt. Apple will not help as well a microsoft. Does anyone have a fix for this issue.
    IMac 20-inch, Mid 2007
    2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    2 GB 677 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Os Lion 10.7.1

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  42. I already done this but after I activated the Windows,I cant boot anymore to it. What must be the problem?

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  45. What If I don’t have OS X DVD? Can I get that setup.exe from apple website?

    I have lost the OS X DVD, but want to install the Win 7 with OS X on my MacBook Pro

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  48. THANKS A TONNE !!!!!!!!

    Very easy step by step documentation…

    since I was new to Apple Mac..I struggled to get the windows 7 dvd ejected out of system… after some search found that holding two fingers on trackpad while reboot will eject the dvd out.

    all in all very nice experience..

    Thanks again..

  49. wifi does not automatically work. how about some troubleshooting instructions for getting that to work without first connecting to internet with an ethernet

  50. This is a great tutorial. But I have found Parallels to be a much easier solution, and a superior one too. It runs any Windows (I use XP Pro and Win 7 Ultimate) or other OS’s either in a windows on your Mac desktop or actually integrated with your Mac desktop. There is no need to dual boot. Windows is always there when you need it and you can copy back and forth between the OS’s. Also, wired and WiFi work, sound works, printers work, et cetera, right out of the box. No muss, no fuss. I hope this helps. PS. It’s not a great company but they did hit a home run with this one product.

  51. how does mac os x be able to run windows 7 installer disc which is “.exe” and not “.dmg”? And it is maybe why! why my mac os x boot camp won’t run my downloaded windows 7 installer in this bootcamp adding additional OS

  52. Sorry I must be dum. I tried the above walk through, although the partion was created before I brought my Mac air home, but when it looks for the driver (burned on external CD) it starts the process then goes back to; “cannot find the driver” and so on. After five hours I am tird and ready to give up.


  53. This tutorial worked perfect for me, I’ve been doing research for days about this dang hell bootcamp, now it’s a full success :)

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  55. Perfect. Followed steps exactly as you laid out and was done in about 1 hour. Very glad I found this. Thanks very much.

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  57. Good post, in the process of doing this now, going well for now. But experienced a few caveats. My advices are:

    -Use a Windows 7 32 bit installation dvd. Tried the 64 bit version and the mac (an iMac) just wouldn’t boot it. I’ve read about some workarounds pertaining to alter the iso image with some command line tools, but since time is an issue here, I didn’t experience with that. The 32 bit win7 worked fine.

    -Not related to this guide in itself, but burned a faulty copy of the win7 32 bit installation disk first, causing a hang at the “expanding windows files” stage of the installation process. Recreated the image (by making an iso from the dvd, then reburning that iso to a new dvd) with ImgBurn (on another Windows machine) and voila. The point is, don’t always trust your regular dvd/cd burner programs to burn appropriate, bootable dvd’s from iso files.

  58. McCormick Williams

    Hey, my friend recently got a new macbook pro (4 gigs of ram, 2.4 gigahertz intel core duo processor) and we’ve been trying to instal windows 7 via bootcamp, but have met with pretty limited success. Everything seems to go as this guide says it should up until the initial reboot; we insert the windows 7 disk that came with my new PC and hit the start installation button. It boots up to the windows screen and asks us what language/etc, and then to click the ‘start installation’ button on this next screen, but we have yet to see anything that will let us choose where to instal it. On top of that, when we click the windows 7 instal button on the main screen, it tells us that “Windows has booted from a disk. Please eject the disk, restart, and continue from there.” The only way for us to escape this is to restart the computer and hold alt until it lets us pick which drive to boot off of- The Macintosh HD is the only one available, but once we boot back to the mac OS it’ll let us eject the disk. Of course, we can’t figure out how to get back to the windows installation screen without the disk in the cd drive. The only other thing that I can think of to mention is that the Bootcamp drive did not show up on the desktop, instead it’s in the finder sidebar with the Macintosh HD/iDisk/cds.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated- I’m trying to get him on steam with me. :P

  59. No Sound On Mac Part.
    Now that I got the sonund when running windows on my mac, I have somehow lost sound when I switch back to the Mac Partician… What that about? Thoughts? Solutions?

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  61. Hey… I have been all night trying to do this until I came across your walkthrough. I am halfway there and seems to be going fine. It is the best walkthrough I have ever had to use for something that is actually quite tricky. Keep up the good work!

  62. U R AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i tried calling apple technica support and they were not ready to help nor did the service ppl, u saved my life….thanks a lot!!!
    would really appreciate if you could help us increaseing or decreasing the size of the boot camp, sometimes i dont have enough space…

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    Remember you saved some files to a USB drive or burned to a DVD? You need to go to those files and run the setup in WindowsSupport and you should be up and runnning

  65. hello everyone,
    i am trying to install windows 7 on my Mac but the problem is that after, the 6th step i face with some kind o f error which says: Back up the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume. Restore your information to the disk and try using Boot Camp Assistant again.
    i really appreciate if any one can help me to solve this error.thank you

  66. I keep getting hung up at the installing updates section of the install (right after installing features). Anyone know why this could be?

  67. This process worked great for me. It failed the first time as the mouse would not work but I had a spare mouse and plugged it in and was able to click accept the rules and regulations and the process went as described. I did have a little trouble, the (option key at restart) did not work and pondered for 15 minutes as to how to switch back and forth out of MacIntosh but went to system preference’s and found boot camp and it gave me the option’s I needed. Great help and the only thing that does not work is the MacIntosh Miracle mouse. All other drivers work great and I actually prefer the wireless Microsoft Mouse I used to get Windows to work better than the Magic Mouse but I do have a TrackPad I much prefer for the MacIntosh side of the partition. Thanks a lot.

  68. Hey,

    Thanks a lot, u basically saved my christmas with this tutorial of yours.
    Keep up the good work, thumbs up..
    Greetings from Finland..

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  70. Hi,
    i have mac air laptop,
    i have everithing instaled and i put windows 7 but i can not instal the Mac os on the windows,
    i mean when i have the windows on if i put the dvd with the software of mac the dvd does not work and it can not install it

  71. windows install fine but when i boot up it just stays on the black screen before it actua;;y starts up white thing keeps flickering up the top left side of the screen!!!??? any ideas! been really annoying me!!!!

  72. Nice one! Everything worked first time. Got to say its great being able to run the 2 operating systems together. Try getting OSX on a PC to ork :@

  73. The whole Process went fine but when i booted in windows 7 Ultimate edition the wifi is not working can u pls help me out???

  74. Excellent guide, installed Windows Home 64bit no problem on my new imac i7 2.9, installed using your guide only took about 30 mins from start to finish, cheers !!

  75. Clarification: This is a great walk through of how to set up Windows 7 PREMIUM EDITION… for Ultimate Edition some of the steps are different and also, some of the drivers do not work with Ultimate. Just a heads up…

  76. my wifi doesnt work automatically cause it need driver for network controller and ethernet controller…
    I tried everything but still dont want to work:S
    Help me

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  78. Thanks for this informative post. I’m looking forward to having my first Macbook tomorrow but I’m worried about the adjusting period. Now I have the option to switch back and forth. Why waste the money I have spent on the Windows program?

    I have a Mac OS X Snow Leopard with Boot Camp enebaling me to use both Mac and Windows with one computer. I updated Windows from XP to 7 on my Mac. When I was done the audio on Windows did not work at all. I found this link and Voula! I have sound. Thank you.

  80. Thank you so much for your excellent walkthrough. It was much clearer than Apple’s Boot Camp instructions and really saved me at least once. I had a nice easy install and I am not an overly technical person.

  81. hi. good day.

    thumb ups, your walk-through guide is superb. The thing is, I am able to perform all the mentioned step untill no.28 but then when it try to boot to win 7 it just hang. Oh yeah i tried to boot into OS X, by pressing the option button and it work. but no luck to boot into win7. No BSOD or anything, just black screen after selecting to boot into window 7. im puzzle, i tried to run system restore but still no luck. im guessing there must be conflict with win7 when updating apple software driver. sign~~~ looks like its gonna take me another 2 hour to do fresh win 7 install again.

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  83. I tried out this set up on my brand new 27″ quad core Imac. Everything but the included bluetooth keyboard and mouse work. Luckily I have a few wired keyboards and a wired mouse spare but I still for the life of me cant get the normal bluetooth keyboard and mouse up and running. They show up on the bluetooth device finder as well. Any suggestions?

  84. Here are the problems I am having. First, I tried to install the 64-bit Windows 7. That was a fail. It went no where. This walk through should mention that you should only try the 32-bit version of Windows 7 when you install.

    Second, I bought the upgrade professional version of windows 7 since I have a valid copy of windows XP Professional (what I used to have installed in bootcamp on my mac before my HD fatally failed). When trying to install the upgrade version of Windows 7 Professional, it will not accept either the product code for the Windows 7 or the product code for my old copy of XP. Both are valid codes since XP used to work and because I just bought an official copy of Windows 7 from MicroCenter so it has to have a valid product code. Until I can get ahold of someone from Microsoft support I am screwed. Sigh.

  85. Its fixed now after I uninstalled the NVIDIA and restarted after that the windows installed the right driver automatically from the internet, and now everything is working fine after two days :)

  86. This is such a great tutorial…but I don’t have the installation DVD of the OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard…and could I reboot from a Memory stick instead of CD? Thanks

  87. It is the laptop screen that is doing this and the problem was still here with 3.0, I was hoping 3.1 would fix it. I had bootcamp running fine a few days ago but got a new hard drive and had to reinstall everything

    When I go to screen resolution display it says “mobile pc display.” I don’t know if that means anything

    1. Ainn – is it connected to an external monitor or are you talking about the actual laptop screen? ‘Cause that’s a WEIRD problem to have. My initial suggestion is to re-install the graphics drivers that come with bootcamp 3.1. Or, if it’s possible, revert to 3.0 or whatever was before 3.1 (did the problem arise once you updated to 3.1, or was it always there?).

  88. i installed windows 7 with bootcamp, installed the drivers and updated to bootcamp 3.1 perfectly fine, wifi and everything works.

    I only have 1 problem – when i adjust the screen resolution it shrinks the usable area instead of making everything look pixelated and stuff.

    How do i solve this? Is it a graphics card thing? Windows says my graphics card drivers are installed correctly but i dont know if its correct or if i have to manually choose the correct driver

    please help!!

  89. Ok so i instaled windows seven but i instaled it with a boot camp that didint have windows 7.

    But it work’d i installed windows 7 and all but i have a problem that im really worried about.
    when i rebbot the imac it always starts with windows 7 and i cant change back to os x
    when i installed it a did it on the boot drive but i click all the buttons and i can go back!!
    I really hope you can help me please

    1. help! , i see the green light up and down in my sound mixer but have NO sounds at all even in headphone.. they said to use bootcamp. to resolve the problem. now when i installed windows 7 on my mac, i didnt use bootcamp i just installed directly because i haven’t any mac os x,, could still posible to resolve my audio problem other than the bootcamp? thnks for your help

  90. Russ –
    I hadn’t heard of that one until today. The other folks having the same problem – do they have the exact same model MBP as you? I used my OLD MBP to write that tutorial, and my new MBP has Win7 running on it with no problems. Well, my problem is that I HATE the unibody trackpad period – in Win or OS X. I suppose it’s just something I’ll eventually get used to. Doesn’t mean I have to like it tho :)

    Anyway – as for your problem. I’ll look into it, but it sound like you have too. If you can comment back here w/ the exact model you have that would be helpful.

  91. I feel weird asking this…a comparably small problem when looking at all the rest. Everytrhing went fine during install, Windows 7 is working fine, but I have one small issue. The trackpad on the MacBook Pro does not “right click”…it moves the cursor and LEFT clicks, but I can not right-click unless I use the external USB mouse.
    I did some research, but, although the problem is prevalent, no one has a good answer.
    Can anyone here help me?

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  93. just installed windows 7 on my mac….no problems at all except 1…..cant eject my cd/dvd when running under windows…when trying to find solution got message nothing available…..guess i have to wait until another version of bootcamp is out unless someone know something around this

  94. i followed all these steps and it worked beautifully one problem though, i downloaded the audio codec that you stated in your tutorial and i was able to install fine and got the sound working but theres a slight static noise when playing youtube videos. why is that? can i get rid of that? would there be another audio codec you could recommend me ?

  95. I am amazed with your clarity! Thank you, I really wish some Apple fellows werw like you.

    Any how, Windows, now that I’ve tried it,
    really, really sucks!!!!!!!!

  96. Can I formating the full OSX partition after win7 x64 installation?
    It will working like a “normal” PC with two NTFS partition (1st for system, and 2nd for documents)?

    What can I do, if my win7 fold up? Can my Macbook Pro boot from the win-install DVD for reinstall?

  97. Has anyone solved the no wireless problem?

    Would really like to know….

    Other than that though, everything seems ok.

  98. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Everything went well, except 2 problems:
    1) Same as many people from what I see here above: no wifi available once windows7 install is completed. It seems the hardware was not installed. I had also a error on the network controller, that windows7 was not able to fix. What I did to fix the problem:
    – I inserted the snow leopard DVD (3.0 bootcamp) (as per tutorial) => installed many drivers, but did not fix the wifi issue
    – I connected to internet through the ethernet cable, and run “Apple software update”. It upgraded to 3.1 version and automaticaly triggered the drivers update => the wifi icon appeared ! the error on the network controller disappeared.
    – Then, I applied the windows7 updates. No problem.

    2) the second I faced is weird, I searched for this problem quickly but I did not find any comment about it. During “Finalizing your settings” step (windows7 installation): I got a windows error (windows message pop up with the red cross), saying basically: can not write on c:\ drive. It was dealing with a boot* file, I do not remember the name exactly, unfortunately I did not write the error number. I skipped the error, then the installation got stuck at the “finalizing your settings” step (for more than 10 minutes), which is supposed to last few seconds from the tutorials I saw. I switched off the computer, it started and installation resumed exactly where It was stuck before. I restarted the macbook again (holding several seconds on/off button – not sure it made any difference), but then windows7 started normally, I guess it was the step just following the “finalization your settings” step.
    I am using windows7 for more than 4 hours, installed several updates, softwares. Made several reboots, everything is working perfectly… so far.
    Just to let you know…

    Configuration: macbook late2009 version. Windows7 64 bits

  99. what is the best windows verson for my macbook pro 13″ 2010??
    i’ve tried to install win7 32-bit in bootcamp but it crashed frequently even when im not running 3rd party applications..thanks..

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  102. Once you have installed windows onto your mac and you have selected how much of your hard drive you want partitioned, at a later date can you change the amount of memory each have

  103. Am i being stupid, once you have installed Windows and the disk is partitioned, can you change the amount of memory you have for both windows and mac

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  105. Thanks a lot………….!
    This is very help full to the mac users who ever stuck with some driver issue….>!

  106. Will Boot Camp make NTFS or FAT32 partition? Also, will Win7 partition be visible and accessible in Mac OS X and vice versa?

    1. Astra – NTFS. When in OS X, the Win partition is readable, but not writable. When in Windows, the OS X partition is totally invisible, by default. Using this tutorial, you can install a program in Windows that will allow you to access the OS X partition (from Windows) but it too is read only.

  107. Windows 7 install on BootCamp was simple but I have 3 problems: 1) login to Active Directory Network – possible but manual on each login; 2) remote login over VPN using RDC – so far not even possible. It never sees my IP address on VPN software ; and 3) ODBC System DSNs set up and test OK but not accessible in Crystal Reports.

    Is there something in Windows 7 (permissions) that prevents my machine from connecting in these 3 areas (LAN, VPN & ODBC)? I have no problem connecting seemlessly in all 3 of these areas on XP Pro Service Pack 3 with BootCamp on my older MacBook.

  108. when my mac (OS X 10.5) re-boots (after step 8) it brings up a black screen thats says:
    Select CD-ROM Boot Type:

    and will not respond to anything. any ideas?

  109. In my case, installation was almost done, but during its 3rd reboot just after it completed the configuration and before it was trying to finish installation, I forgot to remove the Media (Windows 7) disk. Now I am stuck. My Mac Pro is rebooting only to Windows. It has a wireless Apple keyboard which windows is not recognizing. Now, either y keyboard should be identified by Winodws after the boot up, or I have to get my Mac after a reboot.

    Please suggest.

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  111. Have just finished Windows 7 64-bit on Macbook, everything works fine except the thing that I want it to work the most WiFi : ( I think I will reinstall Windows 7 again, now with 32-bit version.

  112. mine went in easy as pie
    but when i tried to use the MAC disc, it said that using Boot Camp 64 bit is not supported-so i had to instal REALTEK now i have sound
    am i missing anything?

  113. All Intel-based Macintosh computers support Windows 7 using Boot Camp 3.1 except these:

    iMac (17-inch, Early 2006)
    iMac (17-inch, Late 2006)
    iMac (20-inch, Early 2006)
    iMac (20-inch, Late 2006)
    MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2006)
    MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2006)
    MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2006)
    MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2006)
    Mac Pro (Mid 2006, Intel Xeon Dual-core 2.66GHz or 3GHz)

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  115. I installed 7 on my new MBP in just half an hour, and then it took me just 15 minutes to install all the specific drivers from the Apple OS X installation CD. I think it’s not as herd as you are describing, though maybe i’ve just been very lucky… cheers

  116. A+ guide. Installed and fully operational in less than an hour on my 13” unibody MBP.
    Great for playing games, runs most valve games flawlessly, fallout 3 looks gorgeous on it, and i was even able to play crysis! (with reduced graphics of course)

  117. Thanks a lot for this lovely article…..This helped me a lot and I installed windows 7 ultimate on my new macbook pro perfectly, without any problems and almost in half the time which was told above. thanks again……

  118. Eagle: Do you still have th DVD stuck in the drive? It happened to me when I was installing XP (it fixed itsself after a reboot prehaps just had to initialise the Mac drivers). However, in Windows, to eject a disk do the following:
    – LEFT CLICK on the Start button (bottom left) then select MY COMPUTER
    – Find the drive letter (probably D or E)
    – RIGHT CLICK the drive icon
    – Select EJECT

  119. if i put windows 7 on my mac can i still use the classic mac system without having to reinstall the mac operating system

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  121. Good walkthrough. Installed like a charm with no problems.

    For the person that needed assistance in selecting default boot OS:
    under Windows 7, Control Panel, System and security, select Boot Camp. Under the Startup Disk tab select system (OS) which you want your computer to start up automatically.

    In step 12, I didn’t have to remove installation DVD. I also had to provoke Windows to get updates.

    Thanks for the write up!

  122. When I get to step 9 it doesn’t give me the option of selecting a partition and instead just sends me straight to the installation step. without selecting a partition I would think it would format over my current OS anyone have any ideas?

    I’m using a 13in macbook pro which is brand new and I have version 3.0 of bootcamp.

  123. Richard Corbett

    Hey, I’ve followed all of the instructions but came to a worrying dead end. At step 12 on ‘Expanding Windows files’ it hasn’t moved from 0% for about 30mins now. Is this normal? I downloaded Windows 7 and used Disk Utility to burn the iso file to a dvd and it’s got me this far, could that be the problem?

  124. Kieran HELP ME PLEASE


    I installed windows 7 ultimate on my new unbody white macbook, everything works fine, except the wireless, no wireless is picked up, any ideas, ive tried drives but nothing has worked, please help !!!!!!

  125. I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate X86 on my Brand New MAC Book Pro 13 inch
    using Boot Camp & I have not encountered any problems at all.
    A minor problem might be that when booting to W7 I have to wait 30 seconds or so with a black screen flashing cursor but it then boots to W7 & all is well.
    minor issues with Skype not able to get audio from the inbuilt mic but it wirks fine under OSX. I guess an Updated Boot Camp will cure some of these issues.

  126. How do I make the sound work without the OS Leopard disc? (My macbook came preinstalled with all the software…)
    Is there another way I can install the sound drivers without the leopard disc?

    And thanks for an awesome tutorial, you are a HUGE help. Thank you.

  127. If i install windows 7 via boot camp or Parallels how much memory should i allocate if i want to run programs like visual studio in windows on my Mac? RAM and Hard Disk Space ?

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  130. I recently upgraded my iMac to Snow Leopard and wanted to set up bootcamp, have done so, did a clean install updated all the software and started the Boot Camp assistant, Partitioned the drive and restarted via BC Assistant with my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (I know it’s not offically supposed to work but many people have done it) when I get to the install page I get a screen that looks like this:


    Select CD-ROM Boot Type: _

    Nothing I press effects anything, I’ve tried another keyboard, my iMac is a white 23′(?) flatscreen from late 2006…

  131. Just want to say thanks for the guide, I’m still rather new to using Bootcamp, and it’s nice to have the guide beside you. Anyway, I’ve now got Windows 7 Ultimate running on my Blackbook. Thanks again Simplehelp.

  132. How exactly do you remove/eject the DVD before it boots up? I’ve got a MAcbook pro and tried pressing the eject button on the keyboard but it didn’t seem to work.

    Does it matter?

  133. I just installed windows 7 on my new macbook pro 13 and the only trouble i have been having is getting right-click to work on my track pad. Anyone know of a way to get it to work?

  134. I am having a issue after making the partition using the boot camp.It is telling me to insert the windows 7 disc and once i click start installation it restarts the computer but screen goes blank with a courser blinking …. can anyone help me how can i start the installation.

    I have a 13 inch mac book ( not the new one :( )

  135. you can put this on the second line of the script to make it restart automatically (I forgot that part)

    tell application Finder to restart

  136. @Mike Scott:
    If you’ve installed an NTFS driver on the Mac side (like NTFS-3G), your NTFS volumes will no longer show up in the “Startup Disk” section. It’s easy, however, to write a tiny AppleScript to boot Windows. Write this in AppleScript Editor:

    do shell script “bless –device /dev/disk0s1 -setBoot” with administrator privileges

    Replace /dev/disk0s1 with the device ID of your disk which you can find by hitting Cmd+i on your windows partition in Disk Utility. Save it as an application and put it in your dock. You can give it a nice Windows icon — clicking it’ll ask for your password (bless must be run under sudo) and then restart in Windows!


  137. Can anyone confirm whether you need a usb keyboard and mouse to follow this tutorial – or can you do the install with the supplied bluetooth devices with the new imac ?

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  140. I have installed Windows 7 into my new MacBook by following your instruction. Windows 7 installed successfully and I have also installed the boot camp and it runs smoothly. However, the wifi disappear and not even in the device manager, can you advise how can I get back my wifi? (the wifi works perfectly when the Macbook runs in OS X)
    I have checked with the retailer and he told me the current Mac OS X doesn’t support Windows 7 and that’s why some drivers won’t be detected. By the way, I can only connect to internet via LAN cable.

  141. “But don’t go too far away, because when your system reboots, you’ll need to remove the Windows 7 DVD.”

    Excuse my ignorance, im new to the Mac world, I have a 27″ iMac… How on earth do i eject the CD as it restarts?

    Also, do I need a hardwired (USB) mouse and keyboard to complete this task or will the bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse do the trick?

    Thank you

  142. Mitur Binesdirti

    To eject your disk in windows on a Mac go to “My Computer” then right click on the CD drive and chose “Eject.”

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  144. I have a brand new white Macbook 13.3
    I tried to instal Windows 7 with the use of BootCamp.Everything was going well but it seems after a lot of restarts that were needed during the installation that it didn’t load the windows….I’ve tried to search it on the forums and everywhere but unfortunately nowhere i found a same problem.The difference is that the black screen I get is with an Underscore”_” on the top left of my screen and nothing else..Please anyone help me (

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  146. Just installed Windows 7 4-bit on a brand new iMac 24″ with 3.06 GHZ processor and 500 GB HD running Snow Leopard. Absolutely no problems. Installation took a while. Gave the Win 7 partition 300 GB. The only thing I noticed was the first few times I rebooted the system came back up in Windows 7. But recently it only comes up in Leopard and when I go to System Preferences/Startup Disk it does not see the Windows 7 Partition. If I hold down the Option key at boot up I get the disk option start up window and can choose Windows 7 a minor inconvenience unless i forget to hold down the key. I was just wondering why it worked for a while and then stopped working. Ran Disk Warrior 4.2 but didn’t fix it. Guess I will have to live with it since it is running so nice. Just hope it is not the beginning of possible problems down the road. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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  148. to get the os’s to talk dont hack os x. install macdrive8 to windows. if you want to rename the partition do it in windows as os x wont let you because ntfs drive are read only

  149. just installed windows 7 on my mac….no problems at all except 1…..cant eject my cd/dvd when running under windows…when trying to find solution got message nothing available…..guess i have to wait until another version of bootcamp is out unless someone know something around this

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  151. Thanks for the incredible tutorial! I just installed Windows 7 x64 on my new 27″ iMac and everything is seemingly working great. I did run into a slight hick-up where the screen went black after step 12. For fellow 27″ iMac users experiencing the black screen after Windows 7 install, you need to delete a faulty driver. Steps to do so are here:



  153. Hi all..

    I have the same problem.. :(

    “I am trying to install Win 7 on my new iMac, everything seemed to work ok until it went to reboot to finish installing. When it rebooted the screen said that it was starting Windows then the screen went blank, so I can not finish installing. Does anyone have some thoughts.”

    Any help..??

  154. To the person with the new 17′ MacBook pro:
    Start up your machine with the disc inside and hold down the alt key. A mouse will show up on screen. Click on the disk entitled “Windows” and install away! Follow these instructions and everything should work. Hope I could help

  155. Dear All,

    I have problem in Windows 7 in MacBookPro

    1. Sound is not working , very very slow. But I can here voice through hard phone looks like problem with driver, I didnot find any driver in site.

    And also I am seraching the camera software

    Can some one help in this regard

    Thanks and Regards

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  159. recently bought like this past month, 17″ macbook pro 4gb ram, 500gb hard drive. Just switched over from PC to MAC. I also bought a retailed full version of Windows 7 Ultimate that comes with the 32-bit and 64-bit DVDs. I partition my hard drive for 150GB and then put the 64-bit windows 7 dvd in and clicked start installation. The superdrive spins up for a bit and the mouse pointer spins, the superdrive slows down as if its stop spinning and the mouse pointer continues to spin as if it is doing something. I waited for some time and nothing changes. I called Apple support and they said it wont install because the update for bootcamp hasnt came out yet to support windows 7. That i would have to wait some time untill the end of the year to get it. I dont understand how they have all these how to install windows 7 and all these forums of people installing windows 7 via bootcamp, when Apple is saying its impossible. Im confused……

  160. I am trying to install Win 7 on my new iMac, everything seemed to work ok until it went to reboot to finish installing. When it rebooted the screen said that it was starting Windows then the screen went blank, so I can not finish installing. Does anyone have some thoughts.


  161. Is it possible to install windows7 professional 64x via the disk image setup.exe instead of inserting the disk iteself? I was able to obtain windows 7 via download, so I do not posses a disk.

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  164. Hi I am trying to instal windows 7 on imac. no luck so far. i get almost to the end of the installation, and my imac reboots, and then the screen goes blank as if the whole machine has stalled. the only thing to do is to turn the machine off and on again. this takes me to a screen ehich gives me the option of running windows in safe mode or normal mode. whichever one i choose, i get back to a blank secreen again. please help me or i think i might put a sledgehammer thru my imac screen !! :-)

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  167. I do not have any version of Windows on my 2.6 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Powerbook running OSX 10.5.8. Would it make sense to buy a cheap version of Windows XP on eBay or Craig’s List, install that, and then buy the Windows 7 upgrade?

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  169. To make it so starting into these systems is more streamlined, you should install “rEFIt”

    Just google it and you should find it. This will make it so you can select which system to start upon boot, and will default into OS X after 15 seconds.

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  173. question: I currently have a bootcamp install of windows xp. So dual boot os MAC and XP 32bit. I want to install windows 7 64 bit to make use of my 4 gigs ram. Could i boot from the cd and install from there? Or would I have to these steps to repartition and such?

  174. Thanks – fantastic guide – I had the same problem as Robbie when installing the 64-bit version “BootCamp x64 is not supported on this computer”, and followed Jay’s instructions… but Windows wouldn’t run the installer as it didn’t have the right privileges – but I found a fix at – although it does involve invoking the CMD prompt and typing in some DOS commands. Its just like being back in my old Windows 3.1 days, when installing programs always involves this kind of techno-jiggery-pokery.

  175. Hey all, Been trying to install Windows 7 on my imac – 2 years old. recently installed Snow Leopard. Using Boot Camp – Go through the process – it instals to a point where I get a black screen with choices to restart in safe mode etc. Have not yet been asked for magic numbers Can not get past this window to finish installation. Help please! It driving me nuts.

  176. Hey will the old mac osx tiger cd work for the drivers cause i have leopard and all but i lost the cd and i only have tiger cd

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  180. hey,
    i just successfully installed windows 7 32 bit, and whenever i go to start up windows 7 it just shows a black screen with a white line blinking. it just sits there and doesnt start. any help?

  181. Thanks for the guide!

    I got Windows 7 installed just fine on my Macbook Pro. I’m at the step where I insert the Mac OSX 10.5 DVD to install the sound drivers and such. But the computer doesn’t seem to be aware that the DVD is in the drive. The Computer folder just shows the DVD drive as empty. I do not have this problem with any other discs, nor do I have this problem when I insert the Mac DVD while running Mac.

  182. if i dont care about having sound drivers while in windows can i skip the step of the installation the loads drivers off the os x install dvd?

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  184. Great Walkthrough, only had my mac for 2 days and managed to get it done first time.

    Biggest problem for me was finding out which key was the option key :)

  185. used your guide whiling installing windows 7 64 bit on new MBP 13in 2.53 GHz. Sound works right off the bet. One big PROBLEM: microphone not recognized in any win 7 programs (ex. Skype). Did an exhaustive google search. Found the same discussion on Apple site. Can’t find any solutions. Am I missing something

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  188. If it makes any difference to you, on my PC the installer starts up right away when I put the disk in…yet on my mac it says boot camp cant find the installer disc…

    Is there something else I need to burn onto the disk besides the windows 7 things?

    What exactly did you burn onto your disk?

  189. Well, to be honest, I’m not sure which one I did because I don’t know the difference…

    So, could you please explain how I can burn the disk using the ISO image? At the moment I think I just burned the ISO file because all I did was copy+paste the file onto the disk and then burn it onto the disk…

    So, thanks in advance for telling me how to burn the disk using the ISO image.

  190. Well, I have the disc but every time I try to install windows 7 through bootcamp it always says that it cannot find the windows installer. I’ll be able to get another disc tomorrow but I don’t know if the disc is the problem.

    What am I doing wrong? What version of bootcamp am I supposed to have?

  191. I would like to take this time and thank you for this tutorial….it takes alot of time to create a tutorial of what you did and you have pictures for almost everything. Great stuff keep it up!!!!!!!1

  192. Okay, I found a solution to the Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse/Keyboard issue:

    Quote “”

    1 – Load the ‘Add a device’ dialog for bluetooth

    2 – Wait until your device is listed and just select it (highlight only)

    3 – Right-click (or press ‘Alt+Enter’) the highlighted item and select ‘Properties’

    4 – Go to the ‘Services’ tab and wait until it lists a ‘Drivers’ check box

    5 – Place a check mark in the box and click ‘Apply’

    6 – Click on the notification balloon that pops up on the right end of the taskbar to watch the progress of installation (it will probably say something like ‘Windows Update..’

    7 – When done, your device should disappear from the list and should now have functionality (although from my experience not exactly perfectly consistent pairing).

    Try and see if it works, folks. It works on my Macbook (Late 2008).

  193. Hey, I’ve read through the comments but I couldn’t really find an answer to the problem with the Boot Drive error and the USB Keyboards not working. There was a solution to upgrading from vista or XP but not from booting from the disc and using bootcamp.

    The computer I have is a 24″ iMac running 10.5.8; 2.4 GHz Duo

    As said earlier in the comment thread, a black screen comes up saying
    Then asks for aCD-Rom Boot option but the keyboard doesn’t work.

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  195. After installing Windows 7 (64-bit) on my unibody MacBook, at step #18, I ran into the error message “Boot camp x64 is not supported on this computer model”.

    To get around this, explore the OSX disc while you are in Windows 7. Navigate to Boot Camp -> Drivers -> Apple. Then open “BootCamp64” and it will install all the drivers (I assume if you are using the 32-bit version you should open “BootCamp” instead of “BootCamp64”). All the drivers installed in a few moments!

    Hope this helps.

  196. Hi, good walk-though thanks,

    I had the same problem as a few of you regarding the BSOD on the 24″ white iMac. I managed to get around it by doing the following (this is from memory so forgive me if i miss a step)

    After the BSOD allow the iMac to restart with the Win7 install DVD in
    You will get a message saying press any key to boot from CD, do this and you will go back in to the Win7 Installer.
    Select you county and click next but don’t click the “install now” button
    Instead click Repair My Computer
    You will be presented with a list (after some time) of windows installs on the iMac select the one you just did (as I’ve only got os x and win7 I only had one I don’t know if older os’s show up)
    From the Repair options presented select command prompt
    navigate to the c:\windows\system32\drivers folder by typing
    cd windows
    cd system32
    cd drivers
    now you rename the broken driver file by typing
    ren nvlddmkm.sys nvlddmkm.old
    close the command prompt and restart the computer
    you should be able to continue with the setup

    Will see how i get on with drivers but so far so good.

  197. Wanda, BootCamp will ask you to stick the Bootable Windows Install disk in the drive. After you confirm you did that, it will reboot the machine and your instillation process will begin. You can NOT run the .exe in Mac OS.

  198. Hi,

    We are trying to install W7 on my Macbook, but with no success. We have manage to create a big enough partition for W7 via Boot Camp, but it does not want to read the exe file to start the W7 installation. It shows the files on the disk, but if you click the file, nothing happens.

    Any ideas?

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  200. Worked great! Awesome job! But when I went to install the drivers, it says that “boot camp x64 is not supported on this computer model”, what do I do?

  201. The sound issue….I already have the latest Realtek drivers isntalled, but the sound still doesn’t work. I tried inserting the bootcamp CD and doing it through there, but windows tells me “Boot Camp x64 is not supported on this compute model” which is BS because I just used it on my Mac Software on the same computer. SO I just found the “RealtekSetup.exe” file on the OS X LEopard CD and ran that, but it’d just “updated” my sound driver to the one I currently have already. And the Realtek site is broken, you can’t download the drivers manually there. I think I’m screwed?

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  203. Nice guide! Thanks!
    But you should mention that Windows 7 takes 14,5Gb on your drive, not as you say “You might be able to get away with going as low as 6GB”
    I installed Windows 7 ultimate, and was left with only 5,2 Gb of free space on my 20GB partition.

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  205. Troubleshooting Guide To Boot Camp 2.1

    Troubleshooting Guide To Boot Camp 2.1

    With a Mac Book Pro Os X Leopard and Windows XP Pro. I am providing this guide because I spent literally days fixing various problems most related to bad drivers. If I can save you the Nightmare I had it will be worth my time to write this guide for you!

    Install Windows XP on FAT32

    While using Mac if you ONLY want to be able to read XP files (NTFS or FAT32) then skip this section because OS X Leopard is able to correctly detect NTFS and FAT32 disks in READ ONLY mode.

    However if you want to be able to read & write XP files (NTFS or FAT32) in Mac then you would install a program like Paragon NTFS or NTFS-3G. However once you do this you will experience this Problem:

    Windows partition missing from Mac ‘startup disk’ menu when using NTFS-3G or Paragon NTFS in Mac (Bootcamp 2.1 fails to fails to show windows disk in startup menu after installing NTFS-3G or Paragon NTFS)

    It is unclear who is to blame for this bug. Both Paragon and NTFS-3G DO NOT KNOW HOW TO FIX the problem so the finger is pointed at this being an Apple Boot Camp bug! Don’t hold your breath for a bug fix from Apple because I saw people have been having this problem for several years. It would be nice if the Apple cared a bit more about the Windows people they are trying to win over but anyway we are greatful for Boot Camp (even if it is as buggy as hell).

    First my personal experience, I had it working perfectly before and after loading NTFS-3G onto my Macbook. I also had it working perfectly with Paragon NTFS. Then after a few months I reinstalled XP. Suddenly it no longer worked! Very fustrating when you KNOW it can work perfectly. It took me several days to figure out that this due to the fact that I had first installed XP and formated as FAT32 but the second time had installed XP and formated as NTFS!!

    ONLY KNOWN Solution for this problem :

    Format XP using FAT32. Apple understands FAT32 and everything will work as normal!
    Do not format using NTFS as Apple does not understand it and XP will be missing from the ‘startup disk’ menu!

    NTFS users can use this work around solution :

    Install Paragon NTFS and use Paragon to set your boot partition and then reboot.

    The least desirable solution :

    Hold the ALT key down while booting and choose XP.

    Install Boot Camp version 2.1

    Using the the disc that comes with your Apple Mac Book Pro.

    After Installation update the following drivers to these versions or newer :

    Broadcom 802.11 Wireless ( (4321AG) (*)
    Realtek HD Audio R2.27 ( (2009-06-16)
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT v185.85 (07.05.2009) (v6.14.11.8585)

    Note (*)

    Broadcom 802.11 Wireless drivers must be force installed to 4321AG. You can do this after installation by using the device manager and updating the driver to 4321AG. These drivers are ‘borrowed’ from another Broadcom 802.11 Wireless device since an update for the BCM 4328 drivers are not available from Apple or Broadcom.

    Unresolved Issue

    Back lighting of keyboard is not working in XP. Apple Bug?

    Problems Fixed By Doing These Updates

    Bootcamp KbdMgr.exe Latency Problems Slowing Your XP

    I could not fix this problem but found an easy work around.

    First check if your latency is being affected by the ‘KbdMgr.exe’ driver. Use ‘DPC Latency Checker’. If the latency is green then you are OK! Skip Adead. If your latency is red then kill the ‘KbdMgr.exe’ in the task manager and check the latency. If it drops then this work around applies to you.

    Open the Boot Camp directory in your Program Files directory. The real ‘KbdMgr.exe’ is renamed to something else like ‘Boot Camp.exe’ so that you can use it to boot back to Mac when you want to. Create a shortcut to the new name from from your desktop.

    Then create an empty text file and give it the name ‘KbdMgr.exe’. This will allow your PC to boot normally and run normally but will prevent Boot Camp loading automatically.

    Wireless Problems

    The Broadcom 802.11 Wireless drivers for the (BCM 4328) are unstable and often loose connection or freeze or stop working for no reason. The driver that causes this problem is version (20/09/2007) BCMWL5.SYS

    Sound Problems

    The Broadcom 802.11 Wireless drivers (BCM 4328) drivers cause sound problems. Music or sound stutters or slows on playback. The driver that causes this problem is version (20/09/2007) BCMWL5.SYS.

    Apple Touch Pad Problems

    The drivers supplied on the Boot Camp disc from Apple work but do not install correctly for some unknown reason but the drivers do work once you get them installed. The driver install files are :


    Your Apple Touch Pad Drivers are working when Device Manager shows :

    Apple MultiTouch
    Apple Multitouch Mouse

    And you can do a right click by holding two fingers on the touch pad and doing a click
    You can scroll up and down using two fingers. Adjust the wheel scrolling speed to one line at a time under mouse properties in the control panel.


    To install the drivers correctly use the Device Manager and look under Human Interface Devices. You should find two Apple ‘Touchpad’ drivers listed with a (Yellow !) change these drivers to use the ‘USB Human Interface Device’ driver. Then install both ‘Apple MultiTouch TrackPad’ and ‘Apple Trackpad’. This should automatically update the ‘USB Human Interface Devices’ to the correct working Apple drivers. This worked for me. However if you are still having problems you can try the General Driver Installation Tips.


    General Driver Installation Tips

    Uninstall all devices drivers that are failing and reboot.


    Make sure all non-Apple drivers are working properly. If not try and fix them first. I had a Logitech Mouse driver that was not working and suddenly when I fixed that at least half my Apple drivers started working. There was probably a resource conflict or some other relationship between the Logitech driver and the Apple Drivers.


    If any driver is giving errors delete the physical driver file and reinstall! This is very useful when nothing you seem to do works. Sometimes you must physically delete the old driver file so that windows will correctly install the new one. I don’t know the technical reasons for this only I found that this worked for me when I had to replace a Logitech Mouse driver after hours of fustration.


    If you are busy in Device Manager and working with ‘Human Interface Devices’ and accidentally uninstall one of these drivers which are related to your mouse driver your mouse will stop working. Don’t reboot, just unplug your mouse and plug it in again and Windows will autodetect a new mouse driver for you.


    If you have been messing around and installing many drivers and your drivers still fail then try roll back the drivers until you can’t anymore and then try one of the above methods again.


  206. I had a Gateway 505GR that recently died of mother board failure, but I removed all the usable parts, like the main drive, DVD burner etc. I use a Mac Pro and was wondering if when I upgrade to Leopard OS X, would it be possible to make the PC drive a USB external, and use boot camp to use the drive with all the PC info and system software as the PC Partition? Instead of partitioning my Mac Drives?

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  208. just wondered: is it possible to use for example “poweriso”?
    how much space do you need on your CD/DVD to burn the W7 ISO image?

  209. Well. Now my iMac won’t start the install process at ALL. Both Windows 7 and XP won’t start the Install. Does this stupid Bootcamp thing ACTUALY work?

  210. Mike, sounds to be exactly the same problem I have. (although don’t get excited as I don’t no the cure either). I don’t think it’s a disk problem as i’ve tried numerous disks also.

    I keep getting the “disk error. press any key to continue screen to continue” + sometimes also the blank screen with blinking underscore.

    Has anyone out there got a solution to our problems?

  211. I have a 2008 iMac (2.8 Ghz C2D and HD2600) and tried to install Windows XP in bootcamp. The partitioning in the Bootcamp utility works fine, so I set it to 32GB, put in the XP disc (Wich is 32bit + SP2) and click “Start Installation”. Now my iMac is going to reboot, and a black screen with a with blinking underscore (_ <that one) appears. The disc spins a bit and than… nothing. After a few reboots, the install proces finaly starts and everything is going fine untill the reboot after the format (NTFS). Than the nice error; “disc error. press any key to coninue” appears, and I can start it all over again. I tried it over 10 times now, and it still doesnt work.

    So I thought, maybe my fresh burned Windows 7 copy would do the trick, but this one doesnt even make into the install process. The screen remains black with the blinking underscore, and that’s that.

    Am I doing something wrong, or are my Windows discs just screwed? They do all work perfectly on a ‘real’ PC afterall…

  212. I have Windows 7 RC x64 installed on my PC. I am trying to get it installed on my new MacBook Pro 17 with Bootcamp. My OS X is all up to date and running Leopard. I am using the same DVD that I used to update my Vista x64 Ultimate to Windows 7. Yet, Bootcamp insists it can not find the installer on the DVD. Yet it is there setup.exe. Any ideas?

  213. Hey I just want to thank you, I just followed step by the step of this walkthrough and everything worked perfectly. The Windows 7, 64 bit , is really fast and neat. The only thing i would say is uping the Recommended GB amount for the windows. I have the 64 bit and its a 10 GBs, i put about 44GB which left me with about 33 and change for games and movies. thanks again couldn’t have done it without this site.

  214. Hi I have just bought a new mac mini 2.0Gh with 2GB ram and 120GB HD will it run windows 7 32 bit fine or will there be problems with drivers for the monitor?

  215. Mac Newbee here.
    I’m running an iMac 24, 3.06, 4gb, 500hd with Leopard (fully updated).
    i’be been trying to install windows 7 via boot camp but get the same message everytime when I restart – “No bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key”. Have tried a number of times but it still doesn’t pick up the disk. I have tried the disk on a mates macbook pro + also my PC, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the disk. Any suggestions guys? cheers

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  217. @Charls post 34
    had/have the same prob think its is because of the 64 bit and you /I need the 32 bit, Im getting that now and will post back later

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  221. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome Tutorial – we just installed Bootcamp & Win 7 on our Macbook Pro with no issues whatsoever! Brilliant. =)

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  223. I discovered that a USB hub/card reader combo device was causing my Windows boot time to increase significantly (over 2 minutes). Unplugging this USB device solved the problem.

  224. Thought I’d continue this horrid trail of Windows 7 issues, via bootcamp

    Gaming issues:

    I’ve just spent all day installing windows 7 and games on my macbook pro (2009 unibody) within bootcamp- only to come to this barrier telling me that Direct X (when trying to run Call of Duty 4) has encountered an “unrecoverable error”. My audio is fine. None of my games within Steam want to load either. I’m wondering, is it something to do with Windows drivers (possibly video, heck, I really don’t know) or my Mac?

    Or do none of you game on a mac? :l

  225. Maybe you should just grind your teeth and wait for Snow Leopard. Boot Camp 3.0 supposedly has a way better support for Windows 7 (and even HFS+) – and, for those too eager to wait a beta version of BC3.0 has already leaked to mininova.

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  227. Richard Dalziel-Sharpe

    I have had my W7 partition reformatted to the MacOS ???. I decided to do a major cleanup, tossing out some downloaded apps that I have never used, lots of orphaned plists, renamed the W7 partition from “untitled” to “Windows” and did a bootable backup with CCC.
    Now the partition shows up in Disc Utility as a MacOS Extended partition of 31.4 GB containing 45 files. When I fire up Boot Camp Assistant it does not show up as a separate volume and the following text is in the “Create or remove a Windows Partition” window, “This disk is your MacOS X startup disk and appears to have been partitioned by another utility. The only option I have then is to erase the whole disk. And of course Disk Utility will not recombine the two partitions. Any clues please on how to get the space back and start over?

  228. That was ofcourse a reply to Daniel and his tutorial for the 2229 error.

    Really frustrating. Glad anyone could help or point me in the right direction.

    Cheers, great guide otherwise.

  229. I got the new Macbook pro and i get the 2229 errror.

    However i cant follow the above steps since there is no table called “Verification” in my Bootcamp.msi, i changed all the = 600 but still doesnt work.

    Any ideas?

  230. For what it’s worth, I got Windows 7 32bit to work great using these directions on my new Macbook Pro, EXCEPT… since it installed a bunch of drivers that were wrong (like an ATI driver and some other things), I made sure to tell Windows to update the video card driver and the network drivers itself before I let it reboot. Things seem to work great!

  231. Everything worked just as you pointed out on my Mac Pro 8 core and Windows 7 is working great. Even better Fusion can run the same bootcamp partition of Windows 7 virtually,

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  233. I am having the same problem as #135 & #137. I got my install disc out. I have a MacBook purchased last October. I also had my Time Machine backup. You just shouldn’t be doing this install without doing your backup first.

  234. I have the same situation as Roger RS #135. My computer a early 2009 Mac Book Pro. Step 9 never happens. A black screen with “loading files” appears and the disc is read. Then a screen called “Insatll Windows” asks for language, Time etc. The only way I can get the disc out of the drive is to reboot and press the eject button at the after the chimes. What do I have to do to get to step 9?
    I couldn’t get the burn disc to be recognized during installation, so I used the disc utility instead of just sticking in burn folder and selecting burn.

  235. Anyone having problems with OpenGL on Windows RC7 using bootcamp? If so, have you come up with a solution for this one?
    I have a intel 2 core macbook from 2007 with a mobile intel(R) 945 express chipset family card with WDDM 1.0 something…
    I have tried to install the latest GMA driver for 32-bit windows vista from intel but the OS refuses to install it.

  236. Mac newbie here, would appreciate some help on this:
    Had some issues trying to follow the steps above, and can’t figure them out. When starting the installation after doing steps 1 through 8, it completely skips steps 9 and outward, jumping right to the language/keyboard setup described in step 13. It asks for drivers, but I’m not even able to eject the W7 dvd…

    After trying a couple of times (restarting from scratch), I just removed the partition and gave up. When I started my Mac today, it said “No boot disk (or device??) found…..”, so I had to restart again with the Option key pressed. I then got only the Macintosh HD option.

    So, two questions:
    1. Anyone know why it happens as described above when I try to install?
    2. Is it possible that I have messed up my Mac OS X installation? Not too worried as I have a TM back up and have been considering a clean install anyway…

    BTW, I have a early 2009 iMAC, 3,06GHz, 4GB RAM, ATI.

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  238. Martin Silbernagl

    For those who come after me: I just lost two hours of my life, figuring out that the SuperDrive must be plugged directly into the Macbook Air for it to be able to boot from the DVD. If it’s plugged into the USB hub of the 24″ Cinema display, all you see is a grey apple logo for a very long time…

  239. To BSOD people:

    I had this problem trying to install 32-bit Win7 on my iMac 6,1 2.16Ghz with GeForce 7300 GT on a 24″. Specifically, I would get BSOD during the install with a 10sec memory dump showing an error with nvlddmkm.sys with code 116. Tried to boot Win7 in safe mode would not complete the install. So I booted to Mac and finished install using VMWare, uninstalled the graphics drivers from the Windows Device Manager so that it used just VGA drivers, then booted into Win7. From here I was able to run Win7 in low resolution but at least internet worked. I installed Nvidia’s Win7 185.85 WHQL drivers, rebooted, and got BSOD. Back to safe mode and tried XP 181.22 WHQL someone suggested and still BSOD. Then I tried Vista 169.25 Forceware and it finally worked, however, I still have reliability problems. I left it overnight and found a BSOD with a new error so it seems to be specifically Nvidia driver issues.

    Anyone else with any thoughts on Nvidia drivers?

  240. just add in it
    what i am saying is if you already finished installing the windows 7 64 bit and trying to install boot camp that was the next that you will do above

  241. i have a macbook with leopard and i installed the 64 bit windows 7 using the boot camp 2.1 and all the things is working fine what i did is… perhaps the other knows already i just wanted to share :
    i inserted the max os x disk 1 then press open to view folder
    then press right click the boot camp and choose open in new window
    then press drivers to open it then press Apple to open it
    in there there is boot camp 64 so what i did is press it and install by running the program because there is a message will pop up that compatabilty but i took the risk but it is worth all of my drivers is working and untill now it is working fine. If ever you already find out how just ignore my message

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  243. Ok, I am using a 1.87 GHz iMac. I installed 7 fine, no problems, however, when i put my Leopard install disk in, nothing happens. I go to my comp, and check there, click the cd, and its blank. No error, nothing, just blank. So i go and DL the realtek drivers, try to run them, restart, still had driver issues. I tried the steps that post 100 contained, but got nowhere, since there is nothing listed in the CD. And i know the DVD works becuase just today I reformatted my drive becuase bootcamp required me too.

    Any help?

  244. Mike, I don’t know if this will help you out, but make sure your partition is 20 gig or more. The OS loves disk space, my install failed because I originally didn’t have enough.

  245. Hi guys,

    I have a unibody MacBook Pro and was able to successfully install the Windows 7 Beta back in February with no problems. I recently decided to upgrade to RC1 and am having problems with both installation and starting up once it’s installed. Namely I get a black screen, completely blank when I try to boot into Windows. Any ideas?


  246. I installed Windows 7 RC on a partition for my new unibody MacBook Pro. I’m having problems with right click tho. I used to have no sound but installed the RealTek drivers and all is fine there. I installed the Apple update for the trackpad in Bootcamp, still no right click ability. I don’t take a mouse everywhere, is there any way to get this to work?

  247. ok so…
    I have a 20 inch imac. I recentley installed Windows 7 using bootcamp. I am currently on my windows os and need to switch back to Mac os. My wireless ketboard is disconnected and it wont let me click options in boot up to go baack to mac os. I have connected a usb keyboard and mouse and it has the same problem but i am able to use it on my windows login. The bootcamp wont run on my windows since its a 64 bit.

  248. Im running Windows 7 RC (Build 6.1.7100) on my MacBook Pro (latest single frame body).

    When I try to install the BootCamp driver disc, it quits the installer with the error code 2229.

    Anybody know, how to solve this?

  249. O.K. I’m seeing a lot of drivers installed from my original Leopard System Disc. It may have fixed the audio problem you warned about. Lots of other drivers. Where are these drivers coming from my Sys.Disc, or the Internet? If they are coming from the original Sys. Disc. will Windows7 update them as needed? I’m still doing the BootCamp drivers install so I don’t know if this old Leopard disc is going to cut it.

  250. I have tried installing both win7 x86 and x64 on my unibody macbook pro. I have had no luck getting the keyboard to work correctly. No eject and no fn key. Which means I can’t log in (it’s on a domain and requires ctl-alt-del). I’ve done the 2.1 boot camp with the upgrade from and I’ve even tried the 3.0 boot camp that is on the latest snow leopard build. No luck. Has anyone else had this problem and solved it?? Thanks.

  251. @Jakob

    Read my step-by-step guide above in the comments. It will help you to install all necessary things in windows 7.

  252. Hi!, when i run the leopard dvd it says that i must have windows vista or windows xp service pack 2 ? is there any way to solve the problem.. ?

  253. Hi ! An error came up when i run setup.exe on the leopard dvd, is there any way to solve the problem, or at least come back to Mac OS X ?

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  255. sfong15, If it is a Microsoft keyboard, the Microsoft keyboard software/pref pane for the Mac will let you switch the Alt/Windows keys.

    People that end up with a .iso file on your DVD: use the Disk Utility in the Utilities folder on your Mac. Put your blank disk in, select it in the Disk Utility, then click the burn icon. It will prompt for the location of your ISO file. This will “burn the image” rather than “buring a disk with the image file on it.”

  256. @Ben
    This is higher up in the comments – I also followed this and it worked fine for me too:
    “I had to right click on the device when it was found in bluetooth sync part, and then there is an option for Human Control Devices. (Mice, Keyboards etc…)

    I ticked that box and afterwards Windows 7 installed the Apple Keyboard and everything was hunky dory.”

    As a side note, on my installation there is a check box in the ‘Services’ tab that says ‘Drivers for keyboard, mice, etc. (HID)’ just check that and it will work!

  257. I followed your instructions. I now have an iMac that is dual-boot (OSX and Win7). Only problem is when I choose to boot into Windows 7 the EFI boot manager seems to hang for about 2 minutes, apparently doing nothing. After than Win7 starts up rather quickly. It’s definitely something to do with the EFI boot manager/loader, and not Windows 7. This is very annoying for me as I am often switching between OSX and Windows (and NO!, I can’t use a VM because I need access to hardware (web cams, USB ports, scanners etc…).

    I should mention that both OSX and Vista64 (when I was dual booting with Vista 64) worked really well – either would boot up in less than 30 seconds.

    Has anyone managed to solve the slow boot time problem?

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  263. Drow Swordsman

    Just a quick note on my experience…

    Downloaded the iso, burnt it using disk utility, followed these instructions, and everything works perfectly. No weird heating issues, sound works, as does trackpad (though I wish the two hand scrolling was a little less sensitive and a lot more smooth, but even Mac programs like Camino often can’t get it as smooth as it should be), keyboard lighting, etc.

    I’m back in OSX now, as I much prefer the interface and “feel” of the OS, though Windows 7 is pretty nice from what I’ve seen. The only time I see myself using Windows is when I’d like to play a game that Crossover Mac doesn’t work with.

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  269. Nick Engelking

    @Eber Irigoyen

    Windows Update should find the drivers for you. Alternatively, they come with the boot camp helper on the Leopard DVD.

    About 64 Bit Windows 7

    I have installed the 64 bit version of windows 7 on my 24″ Early 2008 iMac. The install went smoothly but there were some hitches installing apple’s boot camp helper. Just running setup.exe resulted in an error about not supporting 64 bit windows. I needed run the Apple64 setup program, which is buried in the Apple folder on the disc. It gave me a warning about compatibility, which I ignored, and then I downloaded and installed the boot camp 2.1 update for Vista 64 (again with a compatibility warning, which I ignored). That gave me working sound, iSight, ir remote, and hardware other goodies like keyboard and mouse drivers.

    The only ‘issue’ I have is that the boot camp app in the system tray and control panel require admin privileges, so I get a UAC warning whenever I try to open it.

  270. Rob Markowitz


    Did you install 64-bit or 32-bit? Gonna try it this weekend and want to know if they’re any “gotchas” :)

  271. Just got Windows 7 RC up and running on my MacPro.

    Not able to connect my apple bluetooth mouse or keyboard. Just a spinning “connecting to device”. Had issues with this even in XP, something with passkeys.

    Anyone seen any solutions to this?

  272. @Da9l

    I had the same problems at the beginning. I recommend installing only the drivers for the MultiTouch trackpad again (from the original Leopard install DVD with Vista compatibility enabled for the install file of the MultiTouch trackpad). After that run the Apple Software Updater again and update the drivers for the MultiTouch trackpad. Restart your Mac and now you should have the tab in the preferences. This should work … if not … hmm …. then, no idea.

  273. @Zach –

    I assure you, I’m not running Snow Leopard :) The scroll bars are just a small hack and I’m not even sure what you’re talking about re: new stacks view, but whatever it is, it’s a part of Leopard (10.5.x).

  274. He’s running Snow Leopard. Notice the sold blue scroll bars and the new stacks view beside the settings icon in the finder window.

  275. Ok, sorry for being unclear. Insted of “multi touch features” I should have written that I can’t see any option to enable the right click emulation in the bootcamp controlpanel. I’ve followed the instructions above and even downloaded and installed the specified drivers explicitly but obviously, I must have done something wrong.

  276. @Da9l

    The MultiTouch gestures supported under MacOS are not supported under Windows. Neither Windows XP or Vista nor Windows 7. There ist just the option to emulate the right click. To get the drivers for the MultiTouch trackpad working, install them as mentioned above and update them via the Apple Software Updater. Other things are not supported as far as I know. Besides I have to say that any version of Windows works best on the MacBook with an external mouse.

    Does anybody have better experiences?

  277. Hi all and thanks for all great tips above!
    I’ve installed W7 RC 7100 on my macbook and all driver including the new updated boot camp 2.1 program and the multi touch driver following Daniel’s instructions. My problem is that there is no option in the Boot Camp control panel to turn on the multi touch features. Any clues on what went wrong?

    Regards, Da9l

  278. got it working, just had to manually install the drivers on disc then followed up with the 64bit bootcamp setup. running well so far.

  279. ive installed build 7100 on my macbook aluminum, with its nvidia 9400m and it works the charm, only ahving issues putting bootcamp drivers on, maybe because its a 64 bit version, but had no issues in getting it here.

  280. ATTENTION: Solution for problems with installing BootCamp drivers on Windows 7 included on Leopard installation disk (only for MacBook Pro – late 2008 model)

    At the beginning of the installation the MSI error 2229 occures!

    1.) Use the program InstEd ( to open the BootCamp.msi (…/Drivers/Apple/…) package on the Leopard installation disk and drop the table “Verification”. Additionally search for the terms “=600” and change them to “>=600”. Copy the whole directory tree from the Leopard installation disk (BootCamp drivers) to the harddisk and replace the original BootCamp.msi with the file just edited in InstEd. Open the preferences menu of the file and activate the vista compatibility mode.
    2.) Open the preference menu for the file “AppleMultiTouchTrackPadInstaller” (…/Drivers/Apple/…) and activate the vista compatibility mode.
    3.) Start the BootCamp driver installation with the file “setup.exe”.
    Note: A sound driver error will occure during installation. Just ignore it. Everything will work fine after installation.
    4.) Run the Apple Software Update and update the touchpad driver.
    5.) Activate the right click option with 2 fingers in the bootcamp control panel.
    Note: It will only work with 3 fingers when you activate the 2 finger right click option. Without the 2 finger right click option enabled the right click is not working at all.
    6.) Activate Aero effects by running the speed test in the vista control panel.

    Known issues:
    Sound effects are not entirely pure and clear! Maybe there is a better driver available directly from the manufacturer of the soundcard.

    I hope this little step-by-step guide helps!

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  282. the same problem, i wrote the disc on dvd, all files are there, but if i hit start install button, it says insert correct windows install cd :S

  283. HELP MEEEEE!!!

    I have a Mac book pro with 1GB of RAM and Mac OSX 10.3 on it.
    My grandmother gave it to me and I do not have a Mac install disk for it, nor can I afford to purchase one.

    It does not have Bootcamp installed on it, and it isn’t able to mount DMGs properly, it gives an error allong the lines of “invalad file system” when I try to mount something.

    How can I install Windows 7 build 7068 as the primary OS of this computer?

    Please help!

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  285. Hello, i have followed your instructions however i am not getting the option of installing boot camp when i am inserting the disk and choosing the option ? can you please advise me of what to do ? as this option is not working for me ?

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  287. I did this and it worked great. I am up and running Win7 beta. However, unless it was already mentioned here, you will not be able to get Windows to “talk” with your Mac unless you get HFSExplorer from This program (when installed on Windows) can read Mac formatted HDDs. Also it’s nice that with it you can browse to your Mac Folders and files and then extract them into a folder in Windows, allowing you to easily access them in Windows. Check it out.

  288. Could who help me?
    I am need installing the Windows XP or more finished in 10 minutes.
    thank you for the help.
    good luck for you.

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  292. HELP!!!

    I have burned the iso file called


    to a blank DVD. I have partitioned my hard drive, and when it prompts me to insert the install disc I insert the burned disc and click “start installation.” It then says the disc could not be recognized and asks me to wait longer and try again, even though the disc appears on the desktop just fine. Somebody please tell me why this won’t work!

  293. I’ve installed and *everything* went fine, except the graphics driver will not install, it just installed the generic VGA driver and I have not been able to force the install, even when doing it manually it will not install. I tried downloading the correct drivers, running the setup program (says no hardware found), then applying the drivers directly on the device manager to no avail.

    As a side effect of this (I think) I get all kinds of funny UI errors, like the task bar menu will turn black, and other things

    my video card is the NVidia GeForce 8800 GS

  294. my windows 7 will not auto run the leopard disk. So i cant run setup.exe and install the drivers needed. Help!
    When i click the leopard DVD drive in “My computer” it shows an empty disk!

  295. Hey I have Windows 7 on a DVD I just have the .ISO is there somthing I needed to do before burning it to the DVD becuase its giving me an error saying cannot find windows disc when I start installation.

  296. @phil, is there something i can do to just be able to have internet time in windows and mac os x work correctly? if i disable apple time services… then won’t i have an out-of-sync clock on the mac side?

  297. have you disabled the Apple Time Service in services.msc, there’s also a registry key you can/have to change to prevent it… RealtimeIsUniversal (or something similar)

    makes it for a very frustrating 3 weeks of not being able to log into Mac when we found this issue… but the above fixed it here on a lot of machines.

  298. Every single time i go to windows 7 then back to mac os, my clock gets set 5 hours back on the mac. (I’m in UTC-5, new york) It doesn’t matter if i have set to be the time server in windows and in the mac os. it doesn’t matter if i have the time set to manual… i have tried all the combinations, manual-manual, manual-auto, auto-manual, and auto-auto, and in none of those cases does the clock work properly when i return to mac os.

    I googled this and see this has been an apple bug since before 2006, and here we are 3 years later, and they still haven’t fixed it.

    more oddly, people have solved this problem for themselves in all sorts of ways–none of which have worked for me.

    does anybody have a workaround?

  299. When I insert the windows 7 disk, boot camp refuses to recognise it and Im at a loss as to what to do. The partition went fine, and I have updated my system to the most recent updates. Any help as to how I might be able to get it working would be appreciated.

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  301. Richard Dalziel-Sharpe

    I have a 2.66gh MacPro. I downloaded the Win 7 file and sucessfully installed it. Due to other issues, I had to delete it and now cannot get it going again. No matter what I do i get an error after selecting “Format”. The little blue donut whizzes around, then I click on the “next” button I get a dialogue with something to the effect that setup cannot find a system or partition to update.
    I do select the Custom installation as I did the first time I installed it.
    Any clues would help.

  302. you can only install a few driver. for me, i got isight, bluetooth, audio and something else off of it. i think intel gma drivers or something. nothing else will work. i tried everysingle one.

  303. @tchapp also, I looked at the error message more carefully and it says those applications did not run because they are old and did not install properly. trying to run them does nothing at all. the only application that does run in the boot camp installer, which seems to operate properly.

    Another error which has come up, which is slightly annoying, is that now whenever I switch back to the mac, the clock gets set 5 hours earlier than it should be. i looked around on the web and saw that this error has come up for other users, so I made sure that on windows and on the mac os side I was synchronizing with the same time server ( in this case). that doesn’t seem to fix the problem. so i manually set the time on the mac side, which worked, until i ran windows then came back, at which point it was 5 hours too early again. it is properly set for my time zone. I don’t know how to work around this bug.

  304. That was the first thing I tried, but all that happened then was I got an error saying the application wasn’t properly installed, would i like to try again? and when i do that, that is when nothing further happens. I got the same results whether I left the files on the disk, or if i copied to the hard drive.

  305. @tchapp

    That’s very helpful. i put in the dvd. saw the directory you told me about, then copied all those files onto my hard drive. when i try to run any of those apps, i give permission, then nothing happens. nothing installs or anything. I must be doing it wrong. could you tell me the next steps after seeing the files, until everything is completely installed? thanks!

  306. i got the isight drivers, bluetooth drivers, everything

    when you put the osx leopard dvd in, instead of using auto run, click explore

    once youre there click drivers

    click apple

    isight & bluetooth drivers are there. look around for everything else.

    hope this helped!

  307. Edits to post 69 and 71

    Problem Solved:

    My original install was an upgrade from Vista 64Bit. For some reason the procedure didn’t like certain devices and wouldn’t load the drivers. My second install and mistake was trying a clean install from Boot Camp. That left me with the “1. 2. Choose,..” error.

    Reading on another site, the way I needed to install Win7 was from within Vista but selecting a custom(Clean) install. That worked. I loaded the Boot Camp 64bit drivers 2.01 then the upgrade to 2.1. All devices except the Realtek Audio worked.

    To fix the No Sound problem I headed over to and downloaded the Genric Audio drivers Version 2.14, first one on there list. That worked like a charm.

    All is good, good luck to those still searching.

  308. Anyone having trouble with the Realtek driver? I have a 2nd generation MBA 128 SSD that is now running Windows 7 beta. However, I can’t get MP3s or audio CDs to play correctly: I’m hearing pops and drop-outs every so often. I’ve tried updating the Realtek driver with the version on their website (2.14), but it doesn’t appear to be any different then what I was able to get off of the MAC OS X install disk. Please confirm if anyone is experiencing the same problem. Thanks.

  309. Hey. Install worked fine but it doesn’t read the Mac OS Application DVD ?! Any suggestions how I can get the drivers on there without the DVD? Cause I can use other cd’s / DVD’s and they work fine. Can’t make an Iso out of the application DVD and can’t access the DVD on Win XP either…something is weird…ideas? Email me, thanks!

  310. Ross,

    I have a 1st gen iMac Aluminum 24″ 2.8ghz proc. I re-ran the installation setup again to get the “Compatibility Check” warning log.

    The following issues are preventing Windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.

    For these items, make the following changes:
    Uninstall these programs. Open Control Panel and search for “uninstall a program”.
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus
    Upgrading Windows will affect the following devices and/or programs:

    These devices might not work properly after the upgrade. After the upgrade completes, check Windows Update for updated drivers or go to the device manufacturer’s website.
    Kernel USB Software Bus by TCP

    The Kernel USB Software Bus by TCP is what seems to be the problem. As I was saying before I can upgrade to Windows 7 by removing Kaspersky but I will not see my Matshita DVD-R UJ-85J ATA Device when the installation is complete and if I try to do a clean install from Boot Camp on a freshly made partition the Computer just hangs at the pre installation screen(First boot after boot camp makes the partition,… 1. 2. choose,…)

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  312. @ Peter:

    Which type of Mac (model/gen etc) do you have? The phrase “we may be out of luck testing Beta 1 on our Macs” isn’t entirely accurate, as it runs without any errors on my Mac – a first gen MacBook Pro.

  313. To those that are trying to install Win7beta1 through bootcamp on there Mac and getting the message “1. 2. Choose a CDROM boot option” and not able to choose either, the problem may be with your USB hardware. I did an upgrade of Vista 64 bit within the bootcamp partition and the first thing that happens is a compatiblility check. A couple of things were noted. 1. Kaspersky 7 can not be on the system and needed to be removed before the upgrade would start. 2. there was a note about USB problems and check for Web updates on the manufacturers site after the install. 3. Windows Mail would not work.

    I removed Kaspersky and tried again, getting the later 2 warnings again. This time the installation went ahead. It took a couple of hours to upgrade and move all the files. On first boot all the hardware was recognized and installed except for my Matshita DVD. Stange because all the other USB devices worked. Keyboard, Mouse, Memory sticks, etc. There were no drivers on the web to correct this problem.

    In Vista if you look at the the USB Devices the Matshita DVD is recognized as a USB drive.

    I tried a clean install and got the same message ” 1. 2. Choose,..etc”. there are no devices listed in option 1. or 2. and I couldn’t get my keyboard to work. So unless MS or Apple are willing to supply those needed drivers we may be out of luck testing Beta 1 on our Macs through Bootcamp at least.

  314. Guess nobody else had my issue?
    When I try to run setup.exe from my Leopard OS-X disc, it pops up a message saying that I must be running Windows-XP SP2 or Windows Vista!
    Then it pops up a screen similar to the one in the run-through, with “Finish” being the only active button!

    So, no dice for me in installing ANY of Apple’s drivers!

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  317. When i try to install, it asks me to choose a CD-ROM boot option, 1 or 2, but i can’t choose 1 or 2. I can’t do anything.

    My MacBook is the Santa Rosa MacBook (IE white plastic), with a 1.83 gHz C2D, 1GB RAM

    I’m trying the install using a DVD-RW that was recently erased, and the 64 Bit version. Any help would be great, thanks!

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  320. Am just downloading from the Realtek site now. Great thread guys. Solved a lot of my probs. Apart from sound Windows 7 is running like a dream on my 24″ Imac. Thx

  321. Everything worked great on my 2.4 ghz iMac except when I loaded the new Realtek driver, the internal microphone stopped working. The internal microphone worked great before I loaded that new driver to get sound to play, but now it’s broken. I’ve tried everything to try to get it working again, but with no luck. I tried to roll back the drivers but that didn’t work either. Anyone else have this problem and have fixed it? Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

  322. Great guide.. But I´ve got one problem.. I have installed W7 on my macbook alu.. But when I am trying to install drivers from leopard DVD it shows an error ?? does anyone have a similar problem??

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  324. No luck on my iMac 6,1 either

    I am trying an XP install and upgrading to 7 beta to see if that makes a difference. I will report back shortly.

  325. Hi,

    I’m trying to install Windows 7 on my iMac 24… I get privilege errors such as:

    Service ‘MacHAL’ (MacHALDRIVER) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.


    so what do i DOOOO?

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  327. Yea, I did. I got it to work though. Apparently you need to burn through the utility. I’m on Windows 7 right now and I do like it so far! Is there anyway to get the tap click to work on Windows? I can’t stand having to actually push the mouse pad down to click on things….

  328. @Ben
    Did you go do the walk through at the top of this page? I do believe you need to start with Boot Camp, VMWare Fusion or Parallels to use Windows 7.

    Hope that helps.

  329. You’re supposed to burn the .iso file right? I’ve done that and also double clicked the .iso file and also burned that too. Neither worked.

  330. I’m new to macs (new Macbook aluminum 2.4 ghz, 4 gb ram, 128 SSD) and it doesn’t recognize the DVD file that I’ve burned. I downloaded the windows 7 off the Microsoft site so I’m pretty sure it would be legit. I downloaded the file to my desktop and then when I inserted the blank DVD into my computer it allowed me to open the DVD. I then dragged the .iso file into the DVD and clicked “Burn” from there. Everything copied fine. As soon I click on the “Start Installation” button it says it doesn’t recognize the file on the DVD. HELP!

  331. @Allan
    If you’re on a mac, go to the applications and find the folder Utilities, Open it and look for and click Disk Utility.

    On the left side top panel, you see the disk drives on the system. Directly below you should have a list of .iso files. If the file you want to burn is not listed, click on the Burn icon at the top and find the file.

    If it’s listed in the bottom panel, right click and select Burn. If you use the Burn icon at the top, just find and select the file and click Burn. Insert a blank disk and you should be good to go.

    Hope this helps.

  332. To get my aluminum bluetooth keyboard working on my iMac under Windows 7, I followed these instructions found on the forums. Fixed things for me:

    I had to right click on the device when it was found in bluetooth sync part, and then there is an option for Human Control Devices. (Mice, Keyboards etc…)

    I ticked that box and afterwards Windows 7 installed the Apple Keyboard and everything was hunky dory.

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  334. how do I burn the image to a DVD, I copied the file from my portable drive to the DVD and hit burn. The file extesion is still .iso. Am I missing a step?

  335. Just installed Win 7 on my Macbook, (2.0GHZ). The problem I’m having is when it comes to installing Bootcamp in Windows, my Leopard disc says it’s expecting either Win XP or Vista and it won’t install. (My MB originally came with OS X 10.4 so I purchased and upgraded my MB to Leopard later.)
    Is there a registry setting in windows (via regedit) that I can tweak to fool my Leopard disc into thinking it’s Vista and not Win 7?
    Please help, thanks.

  336. EDIT: No, It didn’t. Stupid me.

    Installing the Boot Camp drivers also didn’t help. I’m getting RealTek HD audio codecs from the website now. Bluetooth, however, works just fine, even before the Boot Camp driver installation.

  337. Has anyone with the Nvidia problem that has not been able to get pass the BSOD screen tried to install either Windows XP or Vista and then tried to upgrade to Win7?

    Thought abot trying it, but want to see if anyone else has had experience with it.

    Thanks to everyone for all the great support.

  338. …and we’re go! Downloaded the Realtek driver and the sound worked. Haven’t tried iSight or Bluetooth yet (but I recall seeing the Apple Bluetooth driver being loaded during the software update).

    A few suggestions to clarify the process:
    Step 9: Before you get the prompt asking where you want to install, you’ll get a black screen and a progress window that says ‘installing files’. I was a bit worried it had started to install by default…
    Step 13: My MacBook Air did not automatically boot back into Windows 7; I came back in OS X and had to reboot while holding the option key down.

    Otherwise, remarkably quick. Got Office03 installed as well, making the whole think pretty work-compatible…

  339. I have a 2008 aluninum iMac. Sound worked for me right out of the box with Windows 7 build 7000 and so did Bluetooth and WiFi. I only have trouble getting iSight to work.

  340. thx BrianSF! Downloading the Realtek driver did the trick for me. However i still need the drivers for iSight, Bluetooth, and touchpad. My OS X Leopard DVD woun’t work, so any one who knows where I may find the other drivers?

  341. Update–and more confusion. Got the external drive from my Fujitsu Lifebook to both recognize the disc and be recognized by the MacBook Air. Still confused about why the SuperDrive–which I was able to use to reinstall OSX a month ago after a hard drive issue–is being recalcitrant.

  342. Downloaded the iso, got the product key, and used RecordNow to burn the disc. When I insert the disc into my XP PC, it recognizes it as a Windows install disc, but the Superdrive on my MacBook Air doesn’t recognize it at all. Any alternatives? Can I burn the iso from my Air via the Superdrive? Use remote disc?

  343. Rob, did you try the latest Realtek driver? I can see that the R2.14 should work on 64 bit as well. I had the exact same problem on 32bit but installing this driver solved my problem. Link is you need to click High Definition Audio Codecs and then Accept. I downloaded the Executable version.

  344. I’ve just installed the latest 64 bit Windows 7 on my 24″ iMac (nVidia 8800 GS). Everything went on ok. The Bootcamp drivers don’t work obviously. No Audio :( Windows has detected a High Definition Audio Device and seems to think it’s using it ok but there’s no actual sound. No iSight driver either.

  345. @Andrew, did you ever get the bluetooth keyboard issue resolved? I can’t find how to remove the Boot Camp driver safely without messing something else up.

  346. I tried to install the 64 bit version,since I have more than 4 gigs of ram. I received the same error as above. I tried some of the solutions on other sites,such as reburning the dvd,but no go. I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to play with a beta.

  347. Any particular reason to install the 64bit version? The 32 bit works fine for me. It does state in the screen that the Boot Camp Assistent shows that it requires the 32bit version of either Vista or XP (at least, that’s the way I read it) so it might be safe to assume that it requires the 32bit version of Windows 7 as well. No?

  348. @johnny and Emett

    Yes, i tried to install de 64 bit and my imac shows me that message:

    Select DVD-ROM type:_

    please, somebody helps us, how can we install Win 7 in our iMacs?

  349. I have a 2.2Ghz 15″ MBP and when it tries to boot to the Win 7 install DVD it says:
    Select DVD-ROM type:_

    The is nothing next to 1 or 2 and the keyboard is unresponsive. Anyone encounter this?

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  351. hi everybody

    I have the same problem with the BSOD in the installation, in the last part, the BSOD appears and it only restarts and restarts, I have the same model of iMac than Emmet: iMac6,1 is one generation befor the current generation. What can i do? I used bootcamp.

  352. I have installed Windows 7 but I can’t find my OSX Leopard DVD, is there any other way i can get BootCamp installed on Windows, or at least somehow get back to my OSX installation?

  353. Im having troubles installig the bootcamp drivers, when I insert the disc It just doesent run, it displays an error message.
    Any ideas.

  354. i downloaded the windows 7 beta using my mac but the boot camp says it can’t find the disk image. My macbook is the 1.3 inch 2.4Ghz leopard v10.5.

    please tell me what to do.

  355. For anyone interested. I installed W7 in Parallels 4 without Bootcamp and it seems to work just fine. Having said that it is about time MS got it right and I see no reason to abandon OS X especially with Snow Leopard coming. Now my Windows friends will cough up more money to replace a failed OS that they still had to pay for.

    W 7 = OS X 10.4 ( maybe)

  356. Btw (and I promise this is the last post from me tonight). I have the nVidia card in my iMac and I have not had any BSOD.

  357. I used the instructions above on my 24″ 3.0Ghz iMac and Windows 7 works like a charm. The only problem was the sound which you can see in my previous post that I have solved. I haven’t touched OS X since the day before yesterday. Windows 7 is one suave looking operating system and for a beta release it works very well.

  358. Philip, yes I managed to solve it….. I tried again……It was the same disk that failed initially but suddenly it started working. No idea why the problem would occur.
    Brian aka BrianSF

  359. Paul, I had the same problem. Even though I installed the Windows drivers from my Leopard disk, my 24″ iMac would not play any sounds. The solution was to download and install the latest RealTek driver (2.16) which I found on You need to click the “High Definition Audio Codecs (Software)” link and click Accept on the next screen. I downloaded the executable. Please note that the vendors site is very slow so the download may take a while. After installing this the sounds starting working for me right away.

  360. Thanks for putting together these instructions. They worked perfectly for me on a 13″ MacBook (not aluminum). I’ve since installed several Windows apps and all is working fine so far. I do have one question: how did you get the OS down to 6G? After install, mine was around 10G. I saved 2G by turning off hibernation. Any other suggestions?

  361. I installed Windows 7 Beta on a 20-inch 2.66GHz iMac but encountered a problem. I installed the necessary drivers from the mac os x disc and for some reason there is no audio output from the internal speakers. Can anyone please help me?

  362. I just tried installing W7 on a 4 core MacPro with the Geforce 7300 and also get the BSOD with a similar message. Anyway around this? Has anyone just tried it in Parallels or VMWare?

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  364. @Phillip Look back to post #2. Tom says it will not work with the NVIDIA graphocs card. I have the the following:

    Model Name: iMac
    Model Identifier: iMac6,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 4 MB
    Memory: 1.5 GB
    Bus Speed: 667 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: IM61.0093.B07
    SMC Version: 1.10f3
    NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT
    Revision ID: 0x00a1
    ROM Revision: 3022

    I get the BSOD identifying display as the problem and it just reboots.

    Has anyone been able to get it to work and if so, how?

  365. My Apple wireless mouse also worked up until i ran the Leopard disk installer. When i add devices it shows the mouse but still doesn’t work.

  366. @Brian
    “My problem is that when the system boots I just get a black screen with a cursor blinking up at the top left corner. I have left it there for 10 minutes but nothing seems to happen. This is the first reboot after step #8. Any ideas?”

    I have this same problem (imac 24″ 2.8Ghz, nvidia graphic card 8800Gt), did you managed to solve it? how? Btw.. i tried to install with the same disc on a mac pro single cpu (both bought 20 days ago) and it went fine…

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  368. @Brian –

    Thanks for clarifying :) I had already emailed Michael w/ your advice on using Boot Camp Assistant to remove the existing Windows partition, so he’s safe. Using Disk Utility will certainly format the partition, but makes it a lot tougher (not impossible) to re-join w/ your OS X partition.

    I’m working on a tutorial now that covers both methods.


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  370. @Michael:

    Just realized I misspoke (or mis-typed?). It’s actually Boot Camp Assistant that will work for this. Open it up like you originally do when creating the Windows partition, only this time, you’ve got the option to erase it. It’ll remove the sucker and you’ll have a single-partition OS X drive again.

    Check it out. Finder > Applications > Utilities > Boot Camp Assistant. Click Continue at the first screen. Make sure ‘Create or remove a Windows partition’ is selected, then click continue once more. It’ll give you a screen showing that your drive will be formatted as a single partition, yay! Click Restore. Enter your password when prompted, and watch BCA do its thing.

    As always, I highly recommend backing up your OS X partition before doing this. While it isn’t likely, there’s always a chance that something will go horribly wrong and you’ll need to do a restore. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve removed several partitions this way with no problems. Hope this helps!

  371. I’m curious can one nuke the Windows 7 partition and add it back to the main OS X partition without reformatting?

    Please let me know.

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  373. I have it installed and up-to-date, however there seems to be an issue with the GPU and/or the fan control for the Perryn Macbook Pro with a NVidia GeForce 8600 GT. Ive tried a few 3rd party fan control/remapping tools with no luck.
    The GPU seems to be heating up to 50 degrees +

    I’ll be doing more tests to try to work out the issue.

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  375. My problem is that when the system boots I just get a black screen with a cursor blinking up at the top left corner. I have left it there for 10 minutes but nothing seems to happen. This is the first reboot after step #8. Any ideas?

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  380. I tried installing it on my Mac Pro tower to a single terabyte drive dedicated just for this OS install, but the installation just kept bombing out. I already have XP and Vista installed on other drives with no problems. Anyone have any thoughts?

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  383. Re: the imac bsod: i had that happen on my imac at work, and it is because the boot camp drivers on the Leopard DVD are older than the iMac.

    Just use the white DVD that came with your iMac INSTEAD of the Retail Leopard DVd to install the windows drivers, and you will be fine.

  384. @adam, I’m having the exact same problem with the apple bluetooth keyboard. It worked fine for setup and before I ran the leopard disk installer, but after that I can’t get the keyboard to pair with my iMac. I wonder what could be causing this. Maybe try deleting the bluetooth driver and having it revert to the default?

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  386. Great Walkthrough! I’ve got to admit, though, I had several more problems while attempting to install the beta on my own unibody Macbook than you did. Partitioning in particular can give you a ton of errors, and takes forever if something is wrong.

    I’d given up on installing the beta, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me, and I think I’ll give it another shot.

  387. I can’t get my Apple bluetooth keyboard working with Windows 7 in Boot Camp. Strangely it was working fine before I inserted the Leopard Disk 1 and ran the driver update. Any suggestions? Adding new device in the Control Panel just gives me error messages – it sees the keyboard but won’t connect to it.

  388. If you happen to have the nvidia graphics card with your iMac: it has a faulty GPU and therefore brings up this error.

    I deal with a similar problem. Bring it to Apple to exchange it, or just leave windows off it (use vmware instead)

  389. I attempted to boot camp my iMac but during the install of 7, my machine had a BSOD stating – “attempt to reset display driver timed out”. After several attempts I concluded that it was going to be possible with my generation of iMac (the one before the current gen).

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