How to convert and watch DivX movies on the Nokia N95

If you like watching movies, you can take them with you and watch them on your N95. One easy way to do it is to convert your movies to a format that DivX Mobile will play. In this tutorial I use mencoder on Linux to convert a movie to XviD. XviD is an open source MPEG-4 video codec. The DivX player plays XviD files very well. I will also provide links to the Windows and Mac DivX Mobile bundles which include a special version of the DivX Converter for Mobile. …

How to read and create "barcodes" (Mobile Codes) on the Nokia N95

I just came across another neat application on my N95. You can use the built in camera to scan barcodes! Well, they don’t really look like your traditional barcode, but the application is called Barcode. Nokias web site refers to these codes as Mobile Codes, so that’s what I’m going to call them. If you don’t have a code reader application on your phone already, visit Nokia provides their code reader free of charge as well as links to third party applications that will work on more phones than just the N95. Keep reading for a full overview on how to read the barcodes with your phone, and create your own. …

How to run unsigned applications on your Nokia N95

UPS finally delivered my new Nokia N95 8GB yesterday. In anticipation of its arrival, I had spent the past week researching all the cool things one can do with these phones. It seems like the powers that be don’t want you installing software on your N95 unless its been signed. Unfortunately becoming an accredited Symbian Developer involves more hassle and expense than it’s worth for the average Joe who just wants to try coding cool applications for Symbian based phones. Luckily I have found a way to install unsigned applications on my N95. The following tutorial will guide you through doing just that. …

20 ways to use Twitter from your mobile phone

Alright I admit it, I’ve drank the Twitter kool-aid. For a while I was in the “I don’t care what you’re doing right now” camp, but have since discovered that it really is a great way to keep up on current events, find interesting people and keep in touch. And like a number of geeks, I carry several mobile Internet devices at all times. So I gave as many mobile Twitter clients/services a try, and here’s what I’ve found.

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Note 2: if you’re looking for iPad Twitter Apps, check out 5 Great Twitter Apps for the iPad.


Name Platform
ceTwit Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile Smartphones
Hahlo designed for iPhone/iPod Touch, probably works in any browser, web based
Jargong see this page for supported phones
Jitter Java. Any mobile phone with CLDC 1.0 / MIDP 1.0, which should be pretty much any phone supporting MIDlets. In other words, if you can run downloaded games on your phone, you can also run Jitter.
MobileTwitter jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch
PocketTweets web based for the iPhone or iPod Touch
psychzzz web based, should work on pretty much any browser
SQIJ Windows Smartphone 2003SE, Windows PocketPC 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5/6 Smartphone, Windows Mobile 5/6 PocketPC
ThinCloud designed for iPhone/iPod Touch, probably works in any browser, web based
Twitter2Go web based, WAP or xHTML-MP interface
Twitter Email any mobile phone that can send email
Twitteresce Java J2ME enabled phone
Twitter Flashlite FlashLite 2.x enabled device
Twitter IM any mobile phone that supports Jabber, Gtalk and LiveJournal chat
Twitter Mobile Home web
Twitter SMS Any phone that supports sending SMS text messages
Twitter Webdebolsillo web
TwitToday Windows Mobile 5/6 touchscreen PDAs
Twapper web
Twobile Windows Mobile 5 or above Touch-screen device (no touch-screen=no work)