How to reorder the icons on your iPhone or iPod Touch springboard

This tutorial was created in response to several emails I’ve received on the subject. It’s another one of those “obvious, but easily overlooked” topics.

  1. To change the order of the icons on your iPhone or iPod Touch home screen (often referred to as the springboard) – tap and hold down any one of the icons. After holding down the icon for a couple of seconds, all of your icons will start to “wiggle”, and the applications that can be removed – generally those you have installed from the App Store – will have small X’s in the upper-left corner.
  2. iphone/ipod touch springboard
    click to enlarge

  3. While the icons are wiggling, tap and hold down the one you want to move, and drag it to whatever location you want.
  4. iphone/ipod touch springboard with icons relocated
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  5. Repeat step #2 until you’re happy with your springboard layout. When you’re done, click the “bottom” button on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

How to play .flac and .ogg files on your iPhone or iPod Touch

At first it was called vlc4iphone, now it’s called ZodPlay, and at some point in the not too distant future it will once again be called vlc4phone (naming history details can be found here). Regardless of its name, it can play .ogg and .flac files – something which a number of us have been hoping against hope would happen some day. …

Preview: VLC media player for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Update: this is actually a rather ‘large’ update – may more decoders are now supported, including XviD, h264, MPEG4, FLAC, 3GP, MP3, MPEG2, AVI, and more! In addition, volume control was added, and the warning when no media is found was fixed. Updated screenshots soon.

Thanks to the geniuses over at zodttd.com, the VLC media player will be coming to your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch in the near future. Keep reading for more info and some preview screenshots.

vlc4iphone is in beta, which means the usual caveats apply (limited functionality and not above crashing). Currently, it plays mpeg/mpg, avi and mp3 files. And by avi they do not mean divx or xvid, though both are being researched as an added format (along with flac, ogg, vcd, wma and wmv).

Right now, vlc4iphone is only available to ZodTTD.com Beta Testers, though as more decoders get implemented and some bugs fixed up, a public release will be made.

installing vlc4iphone
vlc4iphone on the Dashboard

No ROMs Found (hey it’s beta right?)
Media list (and ads?)

Select an Action
Playing an MPG

How to control Winamp from your iPhone, iPod Touch or web browser

This tutorial will guide you through setting up and using WWWinamp, a Windows web server-like application that allows remote control of Winamp via any web browser. If you run a media server in your house and want to be able to control what’s playing in Winamp without having to go to that server, this is the program for you. …

How to accurately relocate the cursor in Notes for your iPhone or iPod Touch

While typing using the Notes application on your iPhone (or jailbroken iPod Touch) sometimes you want to go back and change or correct something. But it can be tricky to ‘tap’ exactly where you want the cursor to go. Here’s a neat trick I just discovered today – tap in the general area you want to put the cursor, and hold your finger down. A magnified view will appear, and you can “drag” the cursor exactly where you want it.

Update: as reader Philip points out, this actually works in all iPhone/iPod Touch apps (other than some 3rd party programs like Term-vt100).

magnified view of the cursor in notes for the iphone or ipod touch

How to add additional sources to Installer on your iPhone or iPod Touch

I suppose this goes without saying, but just in case – make sure you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. Without it, you won’t have Installer.app on your device. To add additional sources to Installer – which will give you a wider variety of software to install, follow the instructions outlined below. …

How to customize the music icons (buttons) on your iPhone or iPod Touch

One of the things I adore about Apple products are how intuitive they are. Most of the time. Once in a while I run into a bit of an exception, and this is one of them. This brief tutorial will show you how to customize the icons/buttons that are displayed while listening to music on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

the music buttons for the iphone and ipod touch