How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Please note: This guide was initially published back in 2015 and some of the software it references is no longer available and/or no longer functions. Attempting to root your device using these instructions may result in a “bricked” (non-functioning) device.

This step by step guide will take you all of the way from start to finish through the process of “rooting” your Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet. …

How to “Pin” Apps on Your Android Device (So Your Child Can’t Access Anything Else)

In the latest version of Android (5.x, named “Lollipop”) Google has added the ability to “Pin” an App – which means only that App is accessible until it’s “Unpinned” – and that requires a 4-16 digit numerical code or password. This guide will show you how to enable “Pinning” on your Android device, and then how to use it. Finally you can hand your child a phone or tablet with Angry Birds open and know that when you get your device back, your email will still be there :) …

How to Stop OneDrive From Asking You to Sign Up on Your Samsung Device

Every. Single. Day. If you don’t stop it, OneDrive will send you Notifications on a daily basis asking you to sign up for its service (Back Up Your Photos to OneDrive). If you try uninstalling OneDrive from your Samsung tablet or phone (probably a Galaxy), it will often re-install itself, and the Notifications return. Here are the (very few) steps to get OneDrive to stop asking you to sign up and/or send you Notifications.

OneDrive nagging to be installed on Android