How to use the Track Changes feature in Word 2010

One of the great features of Microsoft Word is that you can track all of the changes made while writing/editing a document. This feature is very useful in cases when multiple people have to edit the document. Everyone can see how content has been edited and formatted to that point, making it much easier to finalize a project etc. This guide explains how to track document changes in Microsoft Word 2010. …

How to disable the Mini-Toolbar and Live Preview in Microsoft Word

Two of the most visually noticeable features of Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 are the “mini toolbar” and “live preview”. While the mini toolbar is helpful at times, it can also cause problems that can only be fixed by disabling it.

ms word mini toolbar

Similarly, the live preview enables users to change the basic settings and give an instant preview of how font changes (and more) will look. Some power users find it more annoying than helpful.

live preview in ms word

This tutorial will show you to turn off/disable the mini-toolbar and live preview. …